It must be the word-of-mouth effect; there are many more of you downloading Cameyo today than 6 months ago when Cameyo 2 was released. Can we rest now? Hell, no! In the past few months we’ve worked harder than ever, to give you even more technology inside Cameyo. So here’s what’s coming next:

  • FAST: virtual apps will run significantly faster. New virtual package format, faster decompression algorithms, new virtual registry technology, faster package editor: everything was done so that your virtual apps can fly like a rocket.
  • CLEAN: a new “run-from-memory” mode will allow apps to run directly from memory without pre-extracting its files.
  • REVAMPED: the new virtual package format will allow for package locking (against modifications), faster editing, and more adapted compression algorithm.
  • FEATURES: many of your voted features are being implemented. That includes Active Directory control and some other things which I can’t promise yet.
  • PRO: we received requests for a paying support option, centralized IT administration, white-labeled product etc. We’re working on putting an offering online.

How can you help?
Simple: spread the word! New and returning users are the fuel that boosts our development efforts (that plus energy drinks ? ).