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Developer’s Edition

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Cameyo Developer Edition

You work hard to build good software. But did you know that the first few minutes of usage determine how your customers perceive your software?

Don’t waste it on an old-fashioned installation procedure. Instead, let your users see a new-generation technology that lets you highlight your product and lets customers open it instantly.


Your program, your virtual environment


Once your program is packaged by Cameyo, it will see the machine’s environment (i.e file system, registry) in addition to the environment you’ve packaged it with. That means a single EXE, no additional DLLs, registry, COM objects to register. Your program will live in an environment very similar to the one on your development machine.

  • No installer: your users can run your program directly.
  • Easy to transfer, launch, and even remove: your program will not leave any traces on your users machine (unless you set it so). It can easily be set for clean expiration. Your users won’t have to think twice before giving it a try.

These items are available for download and use for non-production / non-commercial / cameyo-related projects. So feel free to download and test each one of them before you decide to buy.

Command-line package builder


Command-line builder of virtual application packages. You define the XML once with properties, behaviour, files and registry to include for your software, and then let it run as part of your build process.

It was designed specifically for automated build environments, with error/success exit codes.

Cameyo itself is packaged with this tool.


SDK: Advanced APIs


Cameyo’s SDK allows you to manipulate virtual application packages through code. It can allow you to do things like:

Add or remove files, registry keys, meta values from/into existing packages
Build new packages from scratch
List virtual applications deployed or running on a machine, and their status
Our Web service even allows you to trigger automated MSI-to-virtual packaging via our online platform


How does it work


Cameyo virtual applications are self-contained executable (.EXE) files which contain the application’s entire eco-system: registry, files and other components.

When a virtual application launches, it sees its entire environment as if it were installed on the system.

Virtual apps are isolated from your hard-disk and do not modify system files or registry keys. Hence they can be removed with just a click without leaving traces, as if the program never ran on your computer.

Terms of use (in a nutshell)


We do not require any royalties. Our license is simple, and stipulates that any code written by you belongs to you, no attach. You are not allowed to use Cameyo for writing a product with similar functionality or which competes with Cameyo (but we encourage anyone to write plugins / addons to Cameyo). Also, if Cameyo’s functionality is to become a central feature of your product (for example: application delivery products), or any product which is meant to package more than just your own product, you need to contact us to discuss an OEM agreement. For any OEM or white-labeling, the developer’s edition license is not sufficient and you need to contact us.

SDK Buy Developer’s License