Many Cameyo users requested update / patch capabilities.
What most users don’t know is that Cameyo is already quite good at updating a virtual package to a new version.
There most recommended way to update virtual app 1.0 to 1.2 (or 2.0) is to repackage the new version and make sure it has the same “AppID”.
Once run, Cameyo will automatically patch the app’s files (but will keep the user’s data created with this app).

One roadmap item to make it easier is to implement http:// (or UNC) autoupdate paths. Autoupdate paths are optional paths, set by the Package Editor, and which indicate where the latest executable should always be.
The way this will work is: when the virtual app runs, it will first go to check if there is a *different* version on the autoupdate path. If there is, it will download it and swap the launch executable with it (i.e. Desktop\app.virtual.exe) and re-launch it.

One of the biggest development challenges will be to do all this without meta-file. We absolutely want to avoid having to put a .ini or .xml file (with version information) in the same path as the virtual app. So we’ll need to embed the version information in a way that even http:// autoupdate requests can find it quickly enough.

OK.. too much cryptic techie information for one post