Cameyo for Business

Why Cameyo for Business?

With the vast majority of business applications developed to run on Windows—supporting this legacy environment can take up as much as 80% of IT budgets. Leaving as little as 20% for innovation makes it hard to stay ahead of disruptors and competitors alike. Reverse those numbers with Cameyo—and web-enable your legacy apps to run on any device.

Cameyo Cloud

Cameyo Private Cloud

Cameyo Server

Trial for ISVs

Instead of spending more time and effort redeveloping legacy apps—just get more value from them. Easily make them accessible from any browser—and without any new development cost. Just install and configure your app on the Cameyo server, and share the generated link. Imagine—install, configure and your done. In just a few clicks—you’ve modernized your legacy apps and they run in the cloud.

  • App to a Mac. Or mobile. Or Chromebook. Do it all, at once. It’s all accessed from the same HTML.
  • Need a critical legacy app behind your firewall. Others in the cloud. No problem. One solution.
  • Simplify management. Eliminate client installs and the associated security risks with one server instance.
  • Scale your apps for more users, bigger data, busier times. Take advantage of cloud elasticity.

“The actual performance of the software, after the session has loaded and the software has started up, is really fast.”

Remove the final barrier to modernize your legacy.