Those of you who have been playing with Cameyo 2.0 lately may have noticed the following peculiar window:

What’s behind all this? Vote for what? Is Cameyo going to replace democracy?
Well, without going that far, the idea is that now with the public library (which is getting bigger and bigger every day), this allows users to flag apps that work well with Cameyo’s virtualization, and those that don’t.
So what do you do with this info?
It’s quite simple: the more of you vote, the better quality apps everyone will get. Indeed, reporting virtual apps that don’t work well, helps the Cameyo community in two ways:
– Once there will be enough votes, Cameyo’s library server will be able to automatically filter out apps that don’t seem to work well, so that users won’t even see them (at least beginner users).
– This information is also very useful for our own quality insurance and development. By spotting apps that don’t work well, we’ll be able to find & fix more virtualization issues.
So now it’s time for you to fulfill your civic duty and give back to the Cameyo community… by voting!