Cameyo for G Suite

Seamless integration with G Suite to increase user productivity.

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Why use Cameyo for G Suite?

Organizations looking to migrate to Google’s G Suite face the same roadblock—how to migrate to a Google environment while continuing to support legacy Windows applications they’ve already invested in. Cameyo solves this problem by delivering your applications as a service to any device and our platform integrates seamlessly with your G Suite settings, including Google Admin, Google Sign On, Google Chrome and Google Cloud Print.

Cameyo Makes it Even Easier to Leverage the Power of G Suite


Streamline the sign-on process and access to your applications through Google Authentication.


Manage users, applications, printers, security features and more based on Google Admin permissions.


Deliver your apps to any device, store files in Drive, print directly to physical printers with Cloud Print.

Homer Central School District is Using Cameyo for G Suite

Already a G Suite organization, HCSD leverages Cameyo for G Suite to deliver Windows applications to any device, streamline the authentication process, let students work directly from their Google Drive files and print directly to physical printers through Google Cloud Print.

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