Dropbox is to be supported automatically in Cameyo. Whenever your virtual app runs from Dropbox, it will now automatically synchronize (files & registry & settings).
What does it mean? You can use your favorite apps directly from Dropbox, from any computer you want; your settings & work will automatically be in sync between those computers.

Let’s take an example:
– You put your virtual Web browser Firefox.virtual.exe on your Dropbox folder.
– Now when you run it, you can save bookmarks, install plugins, change settings, fill your auto-forms etc.
– Next time you close it and then go to another computer that’s connected to your same Dropbox account, you can re-run Firefox from there and… magic! Your same bookmarks, plugins, settings, auto-forms will be there exactly like on your previous computer!

A Beta of this feature is available in versions 1.7.610 and newer. Give it a try and drop me a line if you see any problems or ideas there.

I hate using hype & buzz words, but you’ll agree with me that Cameyo + Dropbox = CloudApps