Cameyo Enterprise


Cameyo is agent-less, making it ideal for BYOD scenarios. But Cameyo goes well beyond app virtualization products:


Worried about your users roaming around with confidential data? Cameyo applications can be encrypted, making data produced by the user secure and lowering the risk of data theft.

Windows apps in a browser

Offline & online virtualization: Cameyo is the only product to offer both virtualization types. Offline virtualization allows the download and running of applications as a standalone .EXE . Online virtualization allows users to launch Windows applications in their browser using HTML5 on any type of machine: Mac, Linux etc.

Cameyo Others
Truly standalone: no agent, no plugins required yes Some
Cloud Packaging yes no
Data encryption yes no
Run apps from any browser: Win / Mac / Linux yes no
App data & settings can be saved on USB / Dropbox yes Some
BYOD-friendly: no agent, no admin rights required yes Some
Restricted users can self-package their own apps yes no
User restrictions (Active Directory group, expiration, password, scripting) yes Some
Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) yes Some
Two virtualization modes: RAM / Disk yes no
Personal use Free

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How does it work

Cameyo applications are self-contained executable (.EXE) files which contain the application’s entire eco-system.

When a Cameyo application launches, it sees its entire environment as if it were installed on the system.

Cameyo apps are isolated from your hard-disk and do not modify system files or registry keys. Hence they can be removed with just a click without leaving traces, as if the program never ran on your computer.

Using Cameyo apps on 50 computers / users or more requires the purchase of a license. Contact us to learn more about our attractive pricing for your organization.

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