Some of you may have noticed that Dropbox support is already integrated in 1.7.634. Run your apps directly from your Dropbox folder, and Cameyo will automatically set its file & registry repository on your Dropbox.

I’d like to share with you something. This week my computer crashed. My Windows profile did not come up anymore and I had to do terrible things through the recovery console to be able to boot again. Needless to say, my apps & settings were lost. But the good part of it was to find a clean & fast Windows environment. Why is it always like that – when our computer needs to be reinstalled, as much as we cry, we also say to ourselves “gee, it was about time I’d clean up the mess on this machine”?

But what is more interesting than this story (which probably already happened a couple of times to each of us) is that when I came back to my new Windows profile, I installed Dropbox and was so happy to find my Cameyo apps on Dropbox – ready to use, with settings and the last items I had worked on. So I have to admit that more and more I am using Cameyo apps on Dropbox rather than installing them on my machine. I find that portable apps mixed with Dropbox:
a. Allow me to use my apps anywhere. While my machine was reinstalling, I could actually log into a nearby machine and continue doing my work from there, using my Dropbox apps.
b. Keep my system clean & fast. By installing less software on my machine, I avoid having that “PC overweight” problem. It actually gives me the same assurance about using software as my iPhone. I never worry about using iPhone apps, and the same goes for Mac. That’s because their installation process doesn’t go as deep into the system as on Windows. Portable apps take Windows applications in this direction.
c. Reduce system trouble. Although I don’t know for sure what brought my computer down, it did happen after installing a few applications and rebooting.

So now I’ve actually become a portable apps + Dropbox fanatic!

OK that was my little story for this week. Next I will tell you about version 1.8 and the goodies it’ll bring.