During the past few weeks, if you’ve used our Online Packager you may have witnessed a quiet revolution. We call it “over-the-web installation” or “LiveInstall”. Oh, and as with online packaging, we’re pioneering it.

When we built the Online Packager back in 2011, the idea was to simplify application packaging to its bare minimum. Sure, packaging applications is not *that* complicated, and smart folks like you can easily learn how to do it. But even if you do and do it right, on a proper environment; say you want to package an application right now. Do you have your clean virtual machine ready, and do you have the 10-15 minutes to find an available VM, start it, install the software, and package it? Sure you do. But unless you’re a packaging professional, you probably have more important things to do instead. That’s why we invented online packaging: submit, click, done.

Last month we’ve upgraded our online packager so that instead of an average of 3 minutes, it now takes an average of 1 minute to virtualize an application online. But that’s not the scoop. The scoop is: we’ve invented a new way for installing applications through the browser. This allows you to package not only applications with a silent installation mode, but also those that require input / user intervention.

This video shows how this works with an installer that requires manual input:

Video: Over-the-Web Installation

LiveInstall is still at a preliminary state, and won’t work with all scenarios. But we will improve it considerably and keep you posted. Until then, accept this little present for 2014.