Press Releases

Press Releases

Cameyo Becomes the First Virtual Application Delivery Platform to Support Multiple Users Per Instance for GPU-Accelerated Apps

By Cameyo  /  October 2, 2019
Cameyo’s platform now enables organizations to deliver GPU-based applications like video-editing, graphic design, CAD, and other graphics-intensive apps - making...
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Cameyo Introduces Security Features to Protect Customers from Brute Force Attacks and Ransomware

By Cameyo  /  September 18, 2019
Cameyo Introduces RDP Port Shield Technology to Protect Remote Servers from Brute Force Attacks and Ransomware, Further Easing Cloud Migration...
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ClockOn Increases Software Trial Completion Rates by 166% with Cameyo

By Cameyo  /  August 15, 2019
ClockOn Provides Instant Access to Software Trials with Cameyo, Increasing Trial Completion Rates by 166% Using Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery...
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Cameyo Receives Patent for its Virtual Application Delivery Platform

By Cameyo  /  August 1, 2019
Cameyo Patents the Ability to Emulate Cloud Storage for Windows Applications, a Critical Capability for Delivering Windows Apps from the...
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ProSolutions Selects Cameyo to Provide Customers with Cloud Access While Saving $3M in Redevelopment Fees

By Cameyo  /  July 9, 2019
CARY, N.C. - JULY 2, 2019 - Cameyo, the cloud-native Windows Application Transformation Platform (ATP) that makes Windows desktop applications...
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Providing Access to Legacy Windows Applications on Any Device – Without a Terrible Experience – Gets Easier with Cameyo

By Cameyo  /  June 12, 2019
New Cameyo Session Sync Technology Provides Persistent Storage of Each User’s Settings and Files from Session to Session for a...
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Cameyo Application for Google Cloud Platform Marketplace Available Now

By Cameyo  /  October 30, 2018
Cameyo Launches App on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace and Joins Google Chrome, Cloud and Education Partner Programs Marketplace App Empowers...
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Cameyo Adds G Suite Integration to Modernize Legacy Apps

By Cameyo  /  July 18, 2018
Enables Organizations to Enjoy G Suite While Also Using Existing Investments in Windows Apps CARY, N.C. JULY 18, 2018 –...
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Cameyo Seamlessly Delivers Windows Applications to Chromebooks

By Cameyo  /  June 12, 2018
Integration with G Suite Empowers IT to Deliver Productivity Apps, Manage Users, Save & Open Files and Print CARY, NC–(June...
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Free Cameyo Service Delivers Access to Roblox Studios on Any Device

By Cameyo  /  June 5, 2018
Cameyo for Roblox Studios is a free service gives players the ability to access Roblox Studios on non-Windows devices, including...
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Cameyo Free Packager Now Available for Windows 10 Build 1803

By Cameyo  /  May 22, 2018
Offers Free Conversion to Cameyo Packager for Users Who are Having Issues with Current Packages Due to the Windows Update...
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ISV Increases Sales and Cuts Costs by Moving Free Trial to the Cloud

By Cameyo  /  April 10, 2018
Idealpos Streamlines Trials on the Web with Cameyo ISV Now Offers Free Trials of Their Software from the Cloud Cutting...
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