Virtual Application Delivery

A simple, secure, and cost-effective alternative to remote desktops, virtual desktops & DaaS.

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Computerworld calls Cameyo the best alternative to Citrix

“The language their customers use is consistent: Cameyo is low cost, simple and easy to use, fast to deploy, secure, and isn’t aggravating. It is like a collection of best practices in a solution.”

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“Cameyo’s technology allows companies to set up employees to work from home without needing VPNs and the corresponding software on every laptop or desktop… and can be installed in hours for hundreds of employees.”

“Cameyo provides your organization and IT with the flexibility and security to best serve employees, regardless the devices they use. Cameyo also provides users with the apps they need AND, most importantly, with the experience they want.”

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“The need for more durable fixes has driven a wave of new customers to Cameyo, which provides an offering that quickly and cost-effectively gets Windows apps up and running in the cloud for delivery to any remote device.”

Enable Secure Remote & Hybrid Work Without the Cost & Complexity of VDI and DaaS

Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery platform is the simple, secure, cost-effective alternative to remote desktop products.   

Virtual desktops are costly & complex, and they’re overkill for the majority of your users who just need secure access to their business-critical apps on any device. Cameyo enables you to right-size your desktop & application virtualization strategy to ensure productivity, security, and ease of use. 

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“Unlike Nutanix Xi Frame and Citrix XenApp, there is no complicated infrastructure to deploy and manage. Not only were we up and running with Cameyo in less than three hours, but we can also deploy new applications almost instantly. Cameyo really could not be easier.”

Emir Saffar, CIO 

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“With Cameyo I was up and running in just one day. That’s unheard of when you think of the complexity organizations have traditionally had to deal with when enabling virtual access to applications. But with Cameyo, it’s like they’ve absorbed that complexity and taken it off of the user’s plate.”

 Christian Ahlin, Group Head of IT

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“Cameyo not only saved us a ton of money compared to VMware, but it is incredibly easy to manage, and is more secure. This works better than anything we’ve ever had, and Cameyo is now going to play a key role in our long-term plans for moving everything to the cloud.”

John Cerio, Network Administrator 

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“With Cameyo we were able to quickly and easily provide our customers with access to our app from any browser, rather than spending millions of dollars and more than a year redeveloping the app. With Cameyo, Our customers are able to experience ProSolutions with the same responsiveness as if it were a local app.”

Mark Wiggins, COO

Benefits of Virtual Apps Over Virtual Desktops


Quickly and easily publish apps to your users with no technical expertise.

Seamless Experience

Users access the full desktop version of apps on any device, from the browser.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by up to 70% while eliminating the complexity of VDI.

Eliminate Servers

Cameyo customers reduce  the number of servers needed by 50% or more.


Fully-hosted in Google Cloud or Azure, or self-hosted in any environment. 

Native Experience

Access the desktop version of Windows apps from any HTML5 browser.

How Does Cameyo Compare to Virtual Desktops?

Cameyo is a Virtual Application Delivery solution that enables organizations to simply and securely deliver any Windows or internal web application to any device, from the browser. 

Whereas Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) products require significant infrastructure investment and ongoing maintenance, Cameyo is a cloud-native Virtual Application Delivery platform that can run from any environment – cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

Is Cameyo Secure?

Cameyo’s founder holds multiple security-related patents. He built Cameyo from the ground up with security in mind. Unlike older virtual desktop technologies that rely on complex layers of technologies built in the 1990s and 2000s, Cameyo’s powerful but elegant platform is built for the cloud and reduces the attack surface of would-be hackers. See the Cameyo Trust Center for more details on our commitment to security. 

How Does Cameyo Benefit IT Admins?

Cameyo makes life much simpler for IT managers by enabling them to quickly and easily publish apps to their end users with no technical expertise required, and no ongoing infrastructure maintenance.

How Does Cameyo Compare to VDI in Cost?

Cameyo enables organizations to reduce their costs by up to 70% when eliminating the cost and complexity of VDI. They can also significantly cut complexity, with Cameyo customers reducing the number of servers needed by 50% or more.

How Does This Improve the User Experience?

Users get access to the full desktop version of their Windows applications on any device, from the browser, with a seamless user experience. No lag or degraded user experience like on VDI.

How Long Would it Take to Get Started?

If you were to start your free trial of Cameyo today, you could publish applications to your users within minutes. It could not be simpler. 

Can I Use Both Virtual Desktops AND Cameyo?

Absolutely – it does not need to be an either/or proposition. Cameyo enables you to right-size your approach to desktop & application virtualization by using VDI/DaaS for users who truly need a full virtual desktop, and utilizing Cameyo’s Digital Workspace for the majority of your users who really only need simple, secure access to their business-critical apps on any device. 

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