Virtual Apps for Personal Use

Cameyo’s Free Packager turns your software into a standalone EXE. 

Download Cameyo Packager



Truly standalone: no installs, no agent, no plugins required for using Cameyo apps.



Keep your PC at maximum performance by avoiding software installs, while still being able to try new software.



Play your favorite apps remotely from any browser, in pure HTML5.


USB & Dropbox

Take your apps on USB or cloud storage.



The simplest product in its category.


  • Cameyo apps automatically synchronize data & settings through Dropbox.
  • Place Cameyo apps on your Dropbox to play them online in your browser.
  • Apps played from the browser save files on your Dropbox.
  • Collaborate: share your Play session and its data files.



Despite being simple, geeks can do almost anything with tons of advanced features & command-lines.



No administrator or server-side procedures needed. Any user can submit their application.


Linux, Mac, iOS, Android

Play your Windows applications from any HTML5 browser on any platform.



Encrypt your application’s data in real-time.



Package applications locally or remotely via our Online Packager.


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