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Simple, secure and cost-effective delivery of Windows apps on any device from any Cloud.


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All of Your Windows Apps in Any Environment – You Choose.

Are Windows applications keeping you from completing your digital transformation? Is your cloud provider telling you that Citrix is the answer, but you don’t want the cost and complexity of a full VDI product? Simply and securely deliver Windows applications to any device from your cloud with Cameyo. 

Most of Your Business is in the Cloud – Why Not Your Windows Apps?

Cameyo’s Digital Workspace utilizes virtual application delivery to provide the simplest, most secure way to deliver all of your business-critical apps to any device, from the cloud. 

Some of our BYO-Cloud customers

Total cost of ownership

Significantly lower costs, simplify management of Windows apps, decrease RDP-related security issues, and increase productivity.



Reduced infrastructure



Savings on licensing costs



RDP vulnerability scans per week

Seamless integration with popular apps

VDI is Overkill When Delivering Windows Apps to Your Users

If all you need is virtual app delivery, then VDI is overkill, and Cameyo eliminates the cost & complexity while offering a better user experience. But Cameyo is also complementary to and can be deployed alongside VDI. If you need a full virtual desktop solution but also want a seamless user experience for virtual applications – with less cost and complexity – you can utilize VDI for virtual desktops and Cameyo for virtual app delivery.

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