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45% of Cameyo Customers Achieve ROI in Less Than One Month

91% Achieve ROI in Less Than One Year

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

“Without Cameyo, we would have lost our entire business. Even though we’re still working on getting the rest of our students back, we wouldn’t have been able to offer the online program at all without Cameyo’s platform. Cameyo literally saved my business.”

Jeffrey Quinn

Founder and Principal, Frontrunner Learning Centres

“Unlike Nutanix Xi Frame and Citrix XenApp, there is no complicated infrastructure to deploy and manage. Not only were we up and running with Cameyo in less than three hours, but we can also deploy new apps almost instantly. We never have to re-image or deal with a Golden Image. Cameyo could not be easier.”

Emir Saffar

CIO, Ur&Penn