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Our passion is making any app available on any device

Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace that enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web applications to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs. By enabling organizations to provide their people with access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive from anywhere and on any device, Cameyo helps make Remote Work, work. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations utilize Cameyo to deliver Windows and internal web applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.


Leadership Team

Eyal Dotan

Founder & CTO

Eyal's Bio

Eyal is the Founder & CTO at Cameyo, where he is responsible for the strategic development of the company’s digital workspace platform. Prior to founding Cameyo, Eyal was CTO and Head of Development at BufferZone, where he helped build it’s patented endpoint security technology. He was previously the creator of Ivanti Endpoint Security (formerly the award-winning ViGUARD, which was acquired by Ivanti), one of the first Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) software solutions of its kind. Eyal was the Founder & CTO at ViGUARD, which was the first protection technology to have blocked malware such as ILoveYou, Melissa, Klez, Blaster, and Sasser viruses without using black-list signatures. 

Eyal holds 12 invention patents in the field of computer security, has spoken at security events worldwide, and has been widely published on the subject of malware. He also created and previously headed the academic security program at the EPITECH Institute of Technology in Europe.

Andrew Miller

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew's Bio

Andrew is Co-Founder & CEO at Cameyo where he is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and optimizing Cameyo’s position for global growth as a leader in enabling secure remote work. Andrew is a mission-driven leader focused on customer success and oversees Cameyo’s sales, business development, growth, and operations strategies with that customer-centric mission in mind.

Prior to Cameyo, Andrew was the CMO at PrinterLogic where he oversaw all global marketing initiatives and positioned the company for growth in markets and key verticals throughout the world. His team was responsible for branding, demand generation, corporate communications and enablement. During his time at PrinterLogic, Andrew positioned the company as a leader in the print management space and his team helped drive more than 10X revenue growth in 3 years.

Prior to PrinterLogic, Andrew was Vice President of Marketing and Communications at MacAulay-Brown, Inc., one of the largest privately-owned defense contractors. While at MacAulay-Brown, Andrew helped position the company to compete as a prime contractor on several multi-billion dollar U.S. government contracts. Andrew has also held executive level positions at Integral Systems, Zeno Group and Fleishman Hillard where he worked with large enterprise technology clients.

Robb Henshaw

Co-Founder & CMO

Robb's Bio

Robb Henshaw is Co-Founder & CMO of Cameyo where he oversees all global marketing initiatives. His team is responsible for all branding, demand gen, communications, channel marketing, customer advocacy, and enablement at Cameyo. Robb brings 18 years of marketing and communications experience across the SaaS, IoT, and wireless industries with a track record of developing emerging brands from challengers, to thought leaders, to market leaders. 

Prior to Cameyo, Robb was the Head of Global Communications for the IoT Business unit at Cisco, where he led messaging strategy, PR, AR, corporate communications, and social marketing efforts. Robb joined Cisco when they acquired his previous company, IoT platform leader Jasper, for $1.4B in 2016. Before joining Jasper, Robb was VP of Marketing at GetGoing (acquired by BCD Travel), Director of Global Communications at SugarSync (acquired by J2 Global), and Sr. Director of Global Marketing at publicly-traded Proxim Wireless.  

Robb is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, has authored dozens of articles on SaaS technologies & trends, and was a technical editor of the 2017 “IoT Fundamentals” book.

Brad Rowland

VP of Channel & Strategic Partnerships

Brad's Bio

An industry veteran with extensive experience in the end-user computing (EUC) space, Brad has held leadership positions with Southwestern Bell, Wyse, AppStream, Symantec, FSLogix, and most recently Microsoft. Since beginning his career in the mid-90s managing a Citrix enterprise site with tens of thousands of users, he has remained focused on desktop virtualization technologies. His experience stretches from managing the product lines at thin client vendor Wyse (acquired by Dell), to running global product and marketing at cloud application delivery specialist AppStream (acquired by Symantec), to serving as the chief marketing officer at FSLogix (acquired by Microsoft) to play a strategic role in the launch of Windows Virtual Desktop. He also leads Emergent Campus, a nationally recognized innovation catalyst and economic development project in rural Colorado.

With the adoption of virtual desktop solutions continuing to accelerate, Brad brings significant depth of expertise to the company’s management bench in the areas of channels, alliances, and strategic partnerships.

The Cameyo Story

The Way, Way Back

In 2012, Cameyo’s founder and CTO Eyal Dotan (previously founder & CTO of ViGUARD which was acquired by Landesk, and holder of 12 patents in computer security) experienced a common problem. He needed a way to run an application on a device without having to install the application locally. So he created a simple yet powerful application packager product to solve his issue, and decided to make it publicly available for free. 

With absolutely no marketing, the application packager quickly garnered 3 million plus downloads, strictly by word of mouth. 

The Need for Apps, Amplified 

The market demand for a simple way to enable applications on any device was clear, and Eyal began thinking about how many organizations have this need on a massive scale. Organizations whose businesses rely on dozens of Windows applications that can’t be accessed on Mac, Chromebook, and other non-Windows devices. 

For these organizations – enterprises, financial institutions, schools, SMBs, etc. – they needed a way to securely deliver all of their business-critical apps to any device, regardless of OS. And they needed a way to do it simply, cost-effectively, and – most importantly – securely. 

There Must Be a Better Way

Thus, Cameyo was born. Eyal realized that, while virtual desktops are great for a subset of power users who need a full desktop environment, they were overkill – not to mention too costly and complex – for organizations who simply needed to give their people secure access to the apps they needed to be productive. Similarly, DaaS and Application Virtualization solutions were too complex and still relied on too much legacy infrastructure. 

Virtual Application Delivery for Secure Digital Workspaces

So he developed Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery platform as a cloud-native solution designed from the ground up to enable the simple, secure delivery of applications to any device, from the browser. Eyal utilized his two decades of experience in the security industry to develop the first approach to Digital Workspaces designed with a Zero Trust security model at the core.

In 2017, Cameyo was ready for full commercial launch. Andrew Miller, previously the CMO that helped establish PrinterLogic’s market leadership and grow its revenue by 10x in 3 years, joined Cameyo as CEO and co-founder to develop the go-to-market strategy and launch Cameyo. Early the next year, Robb Henshaw, previously a Cisco marketing exec who joined the company when Cisco acquired his previous company, Jasper, for $1.4B in 2016, joined Cameyo as CMO and rounded out the founding team.    

Early on, Google realized the opportunity for Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery platform to help increase enterprise adoption of Chromebooks by enabling everyone to access their Windows apps on Chrome Enterprise, so they became a Cameyo partner. Cameyo’s partner ecosystem has grown to include Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Neverware (now part of Chrome Enterprise), IGEL, and many more

Critical Mass

Cameyo is now utilized by hundreds of organizations worldwide to enable their people to access all of their business-critical Windows applications and internal web applications on any device, from the browser, without the need for VPNs. Financial services institutions with 10,000+ users rely on Cameyo to deliver their most important apps. School districts rely on Cameyo to enable distance learning for hundreds of thousands of students, while also enabling them to eliminate PC labs. Independent software vendors (ISVs) utilize Cameyo to SaaS-enable their applications overnight, saving millions in redevelopment costs. The use cases are endless.

Whether you’re looking to enable remote work, hybrid work, distance learning, or secure access to all of your apps on any device for any other reason – we’d love to help. Our Digital Workspace experts are here to answer all of your questions.

FAQs about Cameyo's fully-hosted Virtual Application Delivery Platform

What does Cameyo do?

Cameyo is a Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) platform that enables your people to productively work from anywhere by cost-effectively and securely accessing all of their business-critical apps (any Windows and/or internal web apps) on any device from the browser. Our fully hosted service runs on either Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure and our self hosted service can be installed in any cloud or on-prem environment. 

Where is Cameyo headquartered?

Cameyo is a United States-based Delaware corporation with a globally distributed team, and with headquarters in the heart of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) near Raleigh North Carolina. The RTP is home to some of the best Universities in the U.S., including Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State. Most major tech companies have offices in the RTP taking advantage of the highly-educated and diverse workforce. 

Can I partner with Cameyo?

Yes. However, we understand that a successful partner program takes dedication on both sides. To ensure we provide the assistance our partners need to be successful, we limit the number of partners we work with. To see if you qualify, please visit our partner page

What is the Cameyo Application for Google Cloud Platform?

Cameyo is proud to partner with Google. Not only does Cameyo Cloud, our fully hosted service run on Google Cloud Platform (as well as Microsoft Azure), but we also partner with their Google Cloud, Chrome Enterprise and Google for Education teams.

The Cameyo app for Google Cloud Platform gives Google Cloud Platform customers the ability to run Cameyo as a project directly from their own account. For a limited time, new GCP customers can qualify for up to $500 in GCP credits if they use the Cameyo App for GCP.  To learn more, click here and we will send you the details. 

Do you offer a mobile app?

We sure do. You can download the Cameyo Player from the Google Play Store or by clicking here. We plan to offer an app for Apple devices and will update the Cameyo community as soon as it is available. 

Do you offer personal license?

Unfortunately, we don't. We require a 5 user minimum for Cameyo Server and a 10 user minimum for Cameyo Cloud. Sign up for our blog to get the latest updates on Cameyo news. 

Are you ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant?

Under the U.S. export control laws, there’s no defined term “ITAR compliant”. However, Cameyo has policies and procedures in place to comply with various U.S. export control laws, including but not limited to: 

  • All data transmissions pertaining to the Cameyo product are encrypted, including built in security protections.
  • Upon request, we have the ability to host our fully managed service in a self contained, U.S.-based Google Cloud data center.
  • Customers are able to run Cameyo fully contained, self hosted in their environment, to include Cameyo servers and the Cameyo admin portal.
  • Cameyo servers are located and managed by Azure and Google Cloud who provide infrastructure, network, and data protection as well as security and operations monitoring and access control.

How much does Cameyo cost?

Cameyo is primarily for organizations with 10 or more users and starts at as little as US$15 per user/per month. See our pricing page for more information.

What is Cameyo's Bring Your Own Cloud offering?

Unlike competing products that claim to run in any environment, but then force you to add appliances and gateways to do so, Cameyo can be installed in any environment on a Windows Server 2012 R2. That is why we proudly say we are the simplest, most cost-effective and most secure way to deliver Windows apps to any device from the browser. 

How do I contact support?

The easiest way to contact support is to send an email to [email protected].  

Do you charge for support?

Absolutely not. We built the service to be incredibly easy to use and we are committed to your success. We offer direct and email support as well as a knowledge base and user guide that can answer many of your questions. Everything you need is available on our support page.   

Are there discounts for education, government and non-profit customers?

Yes. We offer a 15% discount off our list price to qualified educational institutions, government organzations and non-profits. You can find details on pricing here.

What does "runs in any environment" mean?

We offer two variations of essentially the same product. Cameyo Cloud is our fully hosted SaaS solutions that runs on Google Cloud Platform. Cameyo Server can be installed in any environment - public or private cloud, hybrid or on-premises. Between the two products, Cameyo is the only built for the cloud service that delivers Windows applications to any device in any environment.    

What is the Automated Trial Service?

As a cloud native service, we are able to offer innovative solutions such as our Automated Trial Service. It gives Independent Software Vendors the ability to offer free trials instantly from their website without making prospective customers install their software. The service saves ISVs the cost of the install and support and speeds up the sales cycle. For more information, please visit our Cameyo for ISVs page. 

Do you provide international keyboard support?

Yes. Your software runs natively on a Cameyo server. Your keyboard will follow the preferences you set during the install process.