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Simply install Cameyo on a Windows Server in your cloud, hybrid or on-premises environment for greater control and security.


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Simple and Secure Delivery of Windows and Internal Web Apps to Remote Workers – No VPNs

Many organizations set up VPNs to provide remote workers secure access to the corporate network. Unfortunately, VPNs were not designed for mass remote work and have actually decreased network security and worker productivity. Installing Cameyo behind your firewall allows you to securely deliver Windows and internal web apps to remote workers without the need for VPNs. And because Cameyo delivers the apps over HTML5 instead of relying on a TCP/IP connection, remote wokers get a better experience even on sub-par home networks.  

Run in any Environment

The move to the cloud is well underway. The majority of organizations still rely on on-premises data centers and multiple private and public cloud providers. Cameyo provides the ultimate in flexibility as the only built for the cloud service that delivers Windows apps to any device in any environment. 


AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Private Cloud. It doesn’t matter. Cameyo Server works in any environment.


Cameyo Server is the perfect choice for customers who are transitioning to the cloud. 


Not moving to the Cloud? Install Cameyo Server in minutes to deliver Windows apps to any device in your environment. 


Install in minutes. Integrate with Active Directory, back-end databases, server-side storage and more. 


Starting at $10 per user per month, Cameyo Server is an economical choice for any organization.


Installed behind your firewall offers an added layer of security and eliminates the need for VPNs.     

How do I install Cameyo self hosted in my own environment?

The Cameyo server is installed on a Windows 2012 r2 or above. For complete instructions, click here to read our Knowledge Base article.

Why is Cameyo self hosted less expensive?

Installing Cameyo in your own data center means you will be relying on your service provider for the Windows Server and usage. You will also need to secure Microsoft RDS CALs for each named user. When you factor in these costs, Cameyo fully hosted and self hosted are about the same price. 

How is Cameyo different than VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and traditional application virtualization technologies were not built for the cloud and result in slow application performance and bad user experiences. In addtion, they are expensive and overly complex. Cameyo is a built for the cloud service, that is cost-effective and very easy to set up and manage. 

What is the difference between Cameyo fully hosted and self hosted?

From a high level, the service is the same whether you use our fully hosted or self hosted service. When installing Cameyo in your own data center or cloud, your limited to the functionality offered by your service provider. 

Is persistent storage available with Cameyo self hosted?

Yes. Our Session Sync feature relies on Google Cloud Storage. Therefore, you will need a Gmail account to set it up. Once up and running settings and files follow the user from session to session. For more information on Session Sync click here

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