Cameyo for ISVs

Deliver your software as SaaS. Automate your sales process and offer free trials immediately from your website.

Save Millions and Deliver Your Software as a Service in Minutes with Cameyo

“We received a quote that told us it would cost between $3-5 million to redevelop our platform and it would take 12-18 months. There was no way we were going to pay millions of dollars, only to provide our customers with less functionality than they were used to.”

– Mark Wiggins, ProSolutions Software

Increase Trials. Lower Sales Costs.

Automate the sales process by giving customers instant access to free trials from your website – with no installation required. Our Automated Trial Service has been proven to increase engagement rates while lowering sales and marketing costs. Save your customers time by reducing friction, and save your budget by converting customers more quickly.

Deliver Your Software as a Service

Our cloud-native service is the easiest way to give customers access to your software from the cloud. No redevelopment required. And no need to use expensive and complex VDI products. 

Automate the Free Trial Process for Immediate ROI

Built for the Cloud

Give customers the same experience as if they installed it in their environment. 

Increase Engagement

Customers increased trial user engagement rates by 900%. 

Lower Costs

No more installing software in your customer’s environment, eliminating related support costs. 

Immediate ROI

The dramatic decrease in sales-related install costs delivers immediate ROI.

CRM Integration

Our service integrates with your CRM to track user engagement. 

In-Trial Chat

Answer your trial customer’s questions immediately through in-trial chat.

Analyze Trial Usage

Analyze customer usage and trial data to maximize sales and marketing efforts.


Secure Service

Multi-layer security includes single sign-on and HTTPS. 

End User Productivity

Seamlessly print, open and save files, copy / paste and more. 

ClockOn is Automating the Sales Process by Providing 30 Day Free Trials with Cameyo

After just 45 days, ClockOn increased trial user engagement rates by 900% with 75% less spend in sales and marketing.

"We’ve already saved money previously spent on historic trial support and had a ton more customers try our software."

– Mark Beeley, Managing Director at IdealPOS

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