Cameyo for MSPs

Deliver IT solutions to your clients quickly with Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) platform. We provide a cost-effective way to deliver all applications – including Windows, Linux, internal web, and SaaS – to any device in minutes so you can manage remote and on-site customers from a single pane of glass and eliminate on-site visits.

The Simplest Way to Onboard Customers & Provide Secure, Virtual Access to All Their Apps

Whether their people are remote, in-office, or hybrid – most organizations need to provide their people the flexibility to work from anywhere. VPNs, VDI, and RDP are not a long-term solution as they increase cost and complexity while decreasing security.  Cameyo for MSPs gives you the ability to simply, securely, and cost-effectively enable hybrid work for your customers by enabling their people to access all their Windows and web applications on any device from the browser without the need for virtual desktops or VPNs

Build a More Profitable and Scalable Application Delivery Practice in Hours, Not Months

Cameyo for MSPs makes it possible for MSPs to deliver a seamless user experience and add value to your Managed Services. VDI solutions require costly infrastructure investments, but Cameyo delivers flexible IT solutions and Windows application delivery to any device without having to go onsite and install apps. MSPs play a critical role in enabling remote work and Cameyo is your differentiator, enabling you to profitably scale these services globally while managing everything from a single dashboard.

Simplified MSP Client Management

Simplified MSP Client Management

Easily add new customers. Publish and deliver the Windows and internal web apps they need to any device within minutes. Manage all of your customers from a single pane of glass in your Cameyo for MSP dashboard.

Easy Scalability

Easy Scalability

No need to set up a different VDI environment for each customer. Cameyo’s cloud-native app delivery platform offers multi-tenant architecture so you can manage a variety of clients from a single pane of glass. With Cameyo for MSPs you can easily add customers in your dashboard and get them started in minutes, not weeks or months.

Remove the complexity of managing VDI across multiple customer environments, and deliver seamless software updates that are completely transparent to your customers. Get started in minutes by adding new customers in your dashboard and selecting which Windows applications each customer needs to deliver.

Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

Eliminate the confusion & high cost of VDI licensing issues and deliver a better, more secure solution with a significantly lower cost per user. Get rid of bill shock forever.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Provide customers a fully-encrypted application delivery service that separates applications from the end user device.

Data Protection

Data Protection

All customer data is protected and private and never resides on a Cameyo server, plus your customers can lock user settings for PCI and data compliance needs.

Simplified Billing and Increased Flexibility

MSPs can get started with Cameyo in minutes by adding customers in their Cameyo dashboard and then selecting which Windows applications each customer needs to deliver. With Cameyo for MSPs, Cameyo is also introducing a Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) model. Cameyo’s SPLA delivers monthly reporting of the number of active users for each of the MSP’s customers through an automated system, enabling the MSP to pay immediately via credit card based on the actual number of users per month.

“Not only can we easily add new customers and begin seamlessly delivering CompuGroup Medical applications to their desired devices in minutes, but Cameyo also gives us a single pane of glass and control plane from which we can manage everything across distributed customers. When it comes to delivering applications to my customers while ensuring simplicity and security, we’ve found Cameyo to be the best option.”

Navid Asgari, Head of Operations at CompuGroup Medical

“Cameyo lets our clients grow at their own pace. They're able to quickly adapt to changes in their business by increasing and reducing headcount, capacity, and resources without needing to pay the large upfront cost of new infrastructure or be burdened by maintaining hardware they no longer fully utilize. With Cameyo, our SMB customers can enjoy the benefits of VDI without needing to invest in infrastructure that doesn't make sense for their scale or budgets. It lets them put their money to use in the most efficient way possible.”

Daniel Goodpasture, President at XPERTEK IT

FAQs about Cameyo for MSPs

Cameyo’s founder holds 12 security-related patents and has been developing security solutions for over two decades. He built Cameyo with a zero trust security model designed into the foundation. Unlike older VDI technologies that rely on complex layers of technologies built in the 1990s and 2000s, Cameyo is built for the cloud and reduces the attack surface of would be hackers. See the Cameyo Trust Center for more details on our commitment to security.

Your customers get access to the full desktop version of their Windows applications on any device, from the browser, with a seamless user experience. No lag or degraded user experience like on VDI.

Cameyo makes life much simpler for MSPs by enabling them to quickly and easily publish apps to their customers’ end users with no technical expertise required, and no ongoing infrastructure maintenance.

If you were to start your free trial of Cameyo today, you could publish applications to your customers within minutes. It could not be simpler.

Pricing starts at $10 per user, per month. Please contact us for potential discounts we can apply depending on your use case.

Build a More Profitable Application Delivery Business Today

See how easy it is to deliver Windows apps to any device for all of your customers, while managing it all through a single pane of glass.