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Cameyo is the simplest and most cost-effective way to securely deliver Windows and internal web applications to remote and on-site workers on any device from the cloud.

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VDI, DaaS, and VPNs are not Long Term Solutions for Remote Work

Covid-19 has changed the way we work. CEOs see the productivity gains, and CFOs have analyzed the cost-savings associated with remote work. As work from home restrictions are lifted, IT will be challenged to deliver cost-effective and secure remote work solutions. Unlike complex and expensive VDI and DaaS products that require a bunch of third tools to run, Cameyo’s cloud native virtual application delivery platform securely and cost-effectively delivers Windows and internal web apps to remote and on-site workers without the need for VPNs, management consoles, appliances, gateways, etc. 

Virtualization Made Easy

Cameyo Fully Hosted

Fully-hosted SaaS that runs on Google Cloud Platform. 

Cameyo Self Hosted

Installed in any environment – cloud, hybrid or on-premises.

Cameyo NoVPN

Securely deliver Windows and web apps to any device.

Cameyo for MSPs

Manage customers from single pane of glass with simplified billing. 

Cameyo for ISVs

Deliver your software as a service with no development. Save millions of dollars. 

The problem is an organization often needs to rewrite a legacy application and can spend an enormous amount of time and money in that development process. Cameyo is saying you can change the endpoint and don’t have to be tied down to a Microsoft OS and still access those Windows apps. That’s a story that’s difficult for Microsoft or Citrix to tell.

Mark Bowker

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

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Cameyo bridges the app gap by providing a simple, cost-effective and secure way to deliver Windows apps to any device in the Cloud.

A Leader In The Industry

Cameyo offers the only built for the cloud Virtual Application Delivery platform that delivers Windows productivity applications to any device from the browser in any environment.

    What is Virtualization?

    Analyst Craig Mathias writing in Network World says it’s the “use an abstraction to make software look and behave like hardware, with corresponding benefits in flexibility, cost, scalability, reliability, and often overall capability and performance, and in a broad range of applications.” For Cameyo, it means virtualizing Windows productivity software and running it exactly the way it would if it were running on your PC. 

    How is Cameyo's virtualization technology service delivered?

    We offer a fully hosted or self hosted service. In addition, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers can run Cameyo as an app in their GCP account. If you are not a GCP customer, but would like to trial Cameyo in GCP, you may qualify for up to $300 in GCP credits from Google.

    Is Cameyo considered virtualization technology?

    In the classic sense, and by Craig’s definition, yes. However, Cameyo goes well beyond traditional application virtualization products. We have developed the only built for the cloud service that delivers Windows applications to any device in any environment. As a cloud native offering, Cameyo provides all the flexibility, scalabilty and cost savings of the cloud without the archaic pre-cloud technology found in other virtualization products. 

    A Trusted Vendor

    Crozdesk’s Trusted Vendor badge gets awarded to vendors with high estimated market presence or market share. This is based on an estimate of user numbers as determined by Crozdesk’s AI ranking algorithm. Only about 20% of solutions ever earn this badge.

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