Virtual App Delivery for GPU-based Applications

The first cloud-based virtual application delivery platform to enable multiple users per instance, even for your most graphics-intensive apps.

Your Graphics-Intense Apps on Any Device, at a Fraction of the Cost

Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), DaaS, or traditional application virtualization products is overkill, not to mention far too costly and complex, for providing virtual access to applications. Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of delivering GPU-based applications to any device, from the browser, with Cameyo’s secure virtual application delivery platform that supports multiple users per instance.

10X Reduction in Cost

10X Reduction in Cost

Cameyo’s cloud-native virtual application delivery platform reduces the cost of app delivery by up to 10X compared to Citrix, which requires costly legacy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Industry-First Innovation

Industry-First Innovation

Cameyo is the first multi-tenant virtual app delivery platform capable of supporting multiple users per instance – even for GPU apps – to deliver ANY Windows application, from the browser. Cameyo can support 40-60 users per instance for CPU-based apps and 8-10 users per instance for GPU-based apps, dramatically reducing the cost of virtual application delivery to any device. 

Reducing the Cost of Cloud Migration

Reducing the Cost of Cloud Migration

Cameyo’s ability to support multiple users per instance dramatically simplifies and reduces the cost of delivering all Windows applications, including GPU-based apps, to any device. As a result, organizations can eliminate a key barrier to cloud migration – application delivery – while reducing the overall cost and complexity of that migration.

“As organizations migrate to the cloud, most of them still have a handful of Windows applications that their people rely on to be productive. Most of those applications are productivity apps that only require CPU support, but many of those Windows apps – especially in certain industries – are graphics intensive and require GPU support. The ability to support multiple users, even for GPU-based applications, makes Cameyo an attractive, affordable option for companies migrating to the cloud who need these applications to be accessible on any device.”

Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

Cameyo with GPU support is for any organization that needs to ensure its people have access to ALL of their Windows applications on ANY device, from the browser. And for the 58% of organizations that have hit a roadblock with their digital transformation (according to IDC), Cameyo can help those organizations eliminate one of the most frequent issues – which is the disruption that their cloud migration causes to people’s productivity when they can no longer access their critical Windows apps.

Other cloud-native approaches to virtual app delivery require a separate virtual machine for each user – regardless of whether the apps they are using require GPU support or not. Cameyo is the first multi-tenant virtual app delivery platform that enables dozens of users per instance for CPU-based productivity apps, and it has now extended its patented cost-saving technology to GPU-based applications as well. This dramatically simplifies the delivery of ALL Windows applications – even GPU-based apps – to any device, in any customer environment. As a result, organizations can eliminate a key barrier to cloud migration (application delivery) while reducing the overall cost and complexity of that migration.

Cameyo is quite different than traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS services which introduce significant cost and complexity and are overkill when organizations are trying to deliver virtual applications. For too long VDI and DaaS vendors have led the industry to believe that you needed a complete virtual desktop solution even when many organizations simply needed a way to deliver virtual apps. Cameyo is the cloud-native, cost-effective, and secure alternative to complicated and expensive VDI/DaaS products.

Any organization can get started with Cameyo in minutes by loading the applications they want to publish to their users to the Cameyo platform. IT can then determine who in their organization has access to each app, or publish apps to the entire organization. Once published, the organization’s users can access all of these legacy Windows apps – including GPU-based applications – from the browser, enabling them to utilize the apps on any device. Users can start work on one device and finish on another thanks to Cameyo’s Session Sync technology that provides data resiliency across sessions.

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