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Students are mobile. Your education software should be too. Deliver Windows applications to any device to empower cloud learning and eliminate PC labs.

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Is Cameyo for Education Right for You?

The U.S. Department of Labor says that 65% of today’s students will have jobs that don’t yet exist. That means the technology solutions purchased today will directly impact tomorrow’s workforce. The majority of apps have moved to the cloud, but tens of thousands remain tied to Windows desktops. Students still need access to these apps. Cameyo for Education allows you to cost-effectively deliver Windows applications to any device from the cloud.

Enable Cloud Learning

Provide students to access to all of your legacy Windows apps, on any device.


Eliminate PC Labs

Save tens of thousands of dollars per year while maintaining access to your Windows apps.

Chromebook Support

If Windows applications are holding you back from moving to Chromebooks, Cameyo is the answer.

Homer Central School District Eliminates PC Labs Saving $35,000 per Lab with Cameyo

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We are committed to supporting the education community and offer substantial discounts to qualified education institutions. Contact us now to determine your school’s eligibility and to get your personalized quote.

Now we can actually grow our legacy application support and offer new courses for those apps – like teaching kids basic Excel and PowerPoint skills – because we don’t have to maintain a PC lab in order to offer those courses.”

Josh Finn

CTO, Homer Central School District

Why can't I provide my educational software to my student on any device?

Schools rely on many different types of educational software. Unless they have been web-enabled, they will only run on a Windows PC. Educational software providers often times are unable to redevelop their applications to run on any device due to high cost and complexity. 

Will my students be able to print to designated printers?

Yes. If you are a Google for Education school, Cameyo seamlessly integrates with G Suite and Google Admin. The printers you have set up in Google Admin and Google Cloud Print will continue to be available based on permissions. If you are not a Google for Education school, we have several ways you can print. Our support team is happy to help and with Cameyo, support is always free.

What about Chromebooks? I can't download software on it.

Cameyo is the only application Platform as a Service that delivers Windows applications to any device from the cloud. Users simply access the software from the browser. No software or anything else to install on the end user device. 

How can I eliminate PC labs with Cameyo?

Many schools have completely moved to web-enabled applications. However, they keep a few to hundres of PC labs so students can obtain certifications on popular Windows apps including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and more. With Cameyo, these applications are delivered through an HTML5 browser eliminating the need to provide expensive Windows PCs for students. 

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