Access QuickBooks Desktop from Any Device

More than 4 million businesses rely on QuickBooks to manage their financial health. It’s a great tool that makes accounting, payments, payroll and time tracking simple. I have used it in previous startups and highly recommend it.

QuickBooks Online was introduced to meet the needs of customers who want to access their information from any device, regardless of operating system. While a great service, it lacks all the features that come with QuickBooks Desktop products. To use these features, businesses are limited to accessing a single Windows Desktop with a downloaded version of the product. Customers who want to access QuickBooks desktop from the cloud can use a hosted service, but that often comes with additional complexity and expenses.

Cameyo Enables Businesses to Access QuickBooks Desktop from Any Device While Reducing Costs

We recently published a case study highlighting JTM Electrical Contractors use of Cameyo to access QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise from any device. They tried using QuickBooks Online, but it did not include job costing – a critical feature they depended on.

When hosting the software on one central computer with remote access become untenable, JTM turned to a QuickBooks recommended hosting service. Over time the increasing hosting and Excel licensing fees became cost prohibitive. 

JTM Electrical Contractors

“We are a relatively small organization, so at first, we thought that the Cameyo solution would be too expensive for us,” said Kari Ugent of JTM Electrical Contractors, Inc. “But on my first call with Cameyo, they mentioned that we could also utilize their platform to modernize other legacy applications that were costing us a great deal in licensing and hosting fees, and that’s when everything started to click.”

Turning to Cameyo, JTM was able to access QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and a number of other Windows desktop application on any device from the cloud. The eliminated or decreased hosting and licensing costs providing immediate ROI on the Cameyo implementation.

“Not only did the cost of Cameyo balance out our previous costs, but Cameyo gives us the ability to grow and scale the number of users cost effectively, enabling us to grow as much as needed in the future,” said Ugent.

Cameyo Support Ensured the Implementation Went Smoothly

We are very proud of the high marks we get from customers regarding the professionalism and expertise of our support team. While Cameyo’s Legacy application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is extremely easy to implement, configuring legacy desktop applications can be difficult.

“I am not a technical person, and I was able to get Cameyo up and running in a matter of hours,” said Ugent. “I needed some support during the deployment, and Cameyo’s support team was extremely responsive. They helped make sure we got everything configured correctly, and I have the peace of mind that if I ever need them in the future, they’ll be there for me.

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