Cameyo App for Google Cloud

Sign up for Google Cloud Platform and receive up to $500 in credits to run Cameyo in your own GCP account.


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Leverage Cameyo in Google Cloud Marketplace

Cameyo’s application for Google Cloud Marketplace gives Google Cloud Platform customers the ability to deliver Windows desktop applications to any device directly from their own GCP project.

Getting Started is Easy 

Sign up for Google Cloud Platform

New customers receive $300 in GCP credits to use the Cameyo app in the GCP marketplace.  

Launch Cameyo in the GCP Marketplace

Publish and manage your applications from your GCP account. Click below to claim your $200 credit for using the Cameyo app for GCP.

Designed to work with Google

Cameyo is a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Chrome Enterprise partner. Our service seamlessly integrates with G Suite for single sign-on, permissions, cloud storage and printing. 

Already a GCP Customer?

Current GCP customers qualify for $200 in GCP credits when using the Cameyo app for GCP.

How do I claim my Google Cloud Marketplace credits?

If you are not a Google Cloud customer, you will receive $300 in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits when you sign up. New and current customer can apply for an additional $200 in credits for using the Cameyo App for the Google Cloud Marketplace. 

Doesn't your fully hosted service run on Google Cloud? Why would I want to run Cameyo in my own Google Cloud account?

Cameyo Cloud does run on Google Cloud. If you need 24/7 server access, it will likely be more cost-effect to run the service in your own Google Cloud account. Google offers discounts for increased useage that we are unable to apply. For customers who do not need 24/7 server access, Cameyo Cloud comes with a power management feature that gives us the abilty to put your server in hibernation mode. We pass these savings on to you in lower subscription costs. 

How do I sign up for Google Cloud?

Simply go to and follow the directions. To use the Cameyo App for Google Cloud Marketplace you will need to provide credit card information. Your credit card will not be charged until you have used all of your credits.

I'm already a Google Cloud customer. Do I still qualify for the credits?

Only new Google Cloud customers qualify for $300 in Google Cloud credits. However, through our partnership with Google, current Google Cloud business customers qualify for $200 in Google Cloud credits if they use the Cameyo App for Google Cloud Marketplace.