Cameyo Packager

Your software into a standalone EXE. Free for up to 50 users.


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Classic application virtualization

An entire application virtualized into a standalone EXE file. You can copy and execute it on any computer directly without installing it, no agent required.

Simple yet powerful

Its simplicity and speed has earned our classic virtualization tool 3 million downloads.


Whenever your EXE package is ready, you can upload it to our online Play servers.

Truly standalone executables

  • Build portable executables that require no admin rights or agents.
  • Package .NET, Java and other frameworks along with your software.
  • Multiple virtualization modes.
  • Per-folder isolation options give you complete control over file system isolation.

Paid version

  • Deploy on 50 machines or more.
  • Remove the Cameyo loading logo.
  • Active Directory-based package permissions.
  • Package expiration.
  • Package anti-edit protection.
  • Support included.