Ultra-Secure Hybrid & Remote Work

Built from the ground up with Zero Trust security at the core, Cameyo is the most secure way to deliver business-critical applications to any device while providing additional protection from ransomware and other threats.


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Enhanced Security to Protect Your People, Network, and Data

Enabling hybrid & remote work should not require a compromise on security. In fact, your digital workspace solutions should enhance your security posture.  Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) platform is the simplest and most secure way to deliver business-critical applications to your users in a hybrid and remote work environment while providing even greater protection for your people, your network, and your data.

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“With Cameyo you get this very powerful solution, with very low complexity and cost, all while getting greater security than you’ll find in other solutions. Complexity is the antithesis of security. The more complexity a solution has, like the many components of virtual desktop solutions, the more potential security issues you will have. Cameyo is built on a Zero Trust security model, and it also strips away all of the complexity that could result in security issues down the line.”

Adam Nerell, Head of IT, Klarahill

Cameyo’s Single Architecture and Zero Trust Security Model Includes:

Device Access Control

Cameyo never trusts any device (even managed devices) because those devices can be compromised. Cameyo gives users secure access to the apps they need to be productive while providing complete isolation between devices and their organization’s network/data.

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Illustration of a sign with an x indicating network segmentation


Even once users are in a session, Cameyo segments that session from customers’ networks and data to ensure ongoing separation.

No Lateral Movement

Even in the case where a device has ransomware or malware, that malware cannot reach the customer organization’s network/data, nor can malware on their systems reach the Cameyo system.

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Always-On Monitoring & Validation

Cameyo utilizes non-persistent servers, so all customer user data is wiped from the Cameyo server every time the user logs out.

Least Privilege

With Cameyo all traffic is encrypted and apps are delivered from a secure HTML5 browser, separating the user’s device from the corporate network and eliminating the need for VPNs. Cameyo also utilizes Windows Terminal Services and temporary user profiles, ensuring users are unable to access admin privileges, settings, and files.

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illustration of a cloud with a key

Identity & Access Management

Cameyo integrates with the customer’s Single Sign-On (SSO) provider of choice, and the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) they have set up with their SSO applies to Cameyo.


With Cameyo, all traffic is encrypted and apps are delivered from a secure HTML5 browser, effectively separating the user’s device from the corporate network and eliminating the need for VPNs. 

Port Shield

Port Shield is a Cameyo-developed technology which provides built-in security that automatically closes RDP, HTTP and HTTPS ports and opens them to authenticated users only when needed.

Secure Cloud Tunneling

Secure Cloud Tunneling enables organizations to utilize Cameyo for the ultra-secure delivery of applications outside of the VPN, without opening any ports in their firewall.

Privacy Protection

User data is never stored on a Cameyo instance or server. This is a stark contrast to VDI products, which are also far too costly and complex when all you need to do is deliver virtual applications. 


RDP Vulnerability Protection

RDP has become the leading attack vector for ransomware. Cameyo’s RDP Port Shield and RDPmon dynamically opens RDP ports only for authorized users and monitors for unauthorized password attempts.

Data Encryption & Security

Cameyo offers the only built-for-the-cloud Virtual App Delivery service that delivers out-of-the-box HTTPS without the need for additional hardware. Our fully-hosted service runs on GCP or Azure, or self-host in your environment.

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