Empowering 21st Century Learning


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Empowering 21st Century Learning

Access to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math Applications

Learning centers throughout the world are providing 21st-century skills. Cameyo cost-effectively delivers the resource-intense engineering and graphics software without the need for expensive hardware.

Extend Learning to the Home

Relying on installed software ties students to on-premises computer labs. With Cameyo, students are able to access leaning applications on any device in the classroom and at home.

Enabling 1-to-1 Learning in K-12

Studies show the positive impact of 1-to-1 programs, but poor purchasing decisions can lead to poor results. Give students secure access to learning applications on their personal devices, putting the emphasis on learning, not on IT support and training.

Institutional-wide IT Strategy for Education

School districts and higher ed face the same challenges as businesses. Incorporating Cameyo into your IT strategy provides seamless access to critical applications, increases security and lowers IT-related costs.

Special Pricing on Cameyo for Education

Cameyo for Education provides the tools for classrooms of any size and is cost-effective with our education discount. Contact us today to start your free trial and to get your personalized quote.

Increase Productivity with Cameyo for Education

Superior Performance

Individual sessions revert when abandoned, so you always have maximum processing performance and application responsiveness.

Heightened Security

Run Windows applications from a secure HTML5 browser to harden network security from end user corrupted devices.

Simplified Management

Centrally manage your Cameyo for Education environment from a single pane of glass, freeing you to focus on technology initiatives that empower students, faculty and staff.

Windows Applications Made Easy

From any device, anywhere – Cameyo delivers applications from the cloud to students and teachers to access, use and even print from Chromebooks, tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Ready to give Cameyo for Education a try in your school?

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