Helping ISVs Web-Enable Their Apps and Increase Free Trial Conversion

For independent software vendors (ISVs), redeveloping their Windows apps for newer platforms can be like starting from square one. Today’s customers have come to expect SaaS-enabled software that’s accessible on multiple devices, including budget-friendly Chromebooks and tablets. But taking an app that was designed for a Windows PC and transforming it into a non-desktop, browser-optimized version can be an expensive, multi-year project.

What’s worse is that good results aren’t guaranteed. Even after all that effort, there’s an equally costly risk of under-delivering if the redeveloped app doesn’t have feature parity. That can be a real blow to an ISV’s reputation as well as its budget.

For savvy ISVs, the trick lies in reframing their entire approach to software redevelopment. Instead of thinking in terms of, say, how to get Windows software running on a Chromebook, it’s more about how to leverage the strengths of native Chrome OS software to access Windows apps.

Virtual app delivery is the way to make that happen.

Cameyo empowers ISVs with its next-gen application virtualization platform

With Cameyo, ISVs can give their customers access to the full desktop version of their Windows software on any device. And the best part is that it requires zero redevelopment time.

That’s not a theoretical or best-case scenario. Through Cameyo’s virtual app delivery platform, ISVs from all over the world have already been able to put their native Windows applications in the hands of any user on any platform practically overnight. Furthermore, achieving that speed and simplicity is possible without compromises in functionality, security or ease of use. 

  • Tático ERP, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider in Brazil, used Cameyo to bring its tightly integrated software suite to customers that had been demanding a web-enabled version for macOS and Chromebooks. Without Cameyo, it “would have taken $2M to redevelop our suite for the web, and it would have taken at least 18 months.”
  • Vantea SMART, a European ISV of ERP software, experimented with Windows Remote Desktop as well as Amazon AppStream 2.0. Neither solution worked as seamlessly or as cost-effectively as Cameyo. Full implementation took less than a week. “Now our customers have access to the full desktop versions of our solutions on any device, from the browser—with absolutely no software redevelopment required.”
  • California-based ProSolutions Software saw a growing trend in the spa industry toward web-optimized management software. The company used Cameyo’s virtual app delivery to bring its full-featured, customizable suite to the browser. It saved them $3M and 18 months while delivering native-quality performance: “Our customers are able to experience ProSolutions with the same responsiveness as if it were a local app.”

In short, Cameyo completely removes redevelopment and fragmentation as obstacles on the path toward SaaS-style software universality. ISVs can turn legacy platform-specific software into a modern platform-agnostic solution without changing a single line of code.

Satisfy current customers while expanding your customer base

As you can imagine, ISVs find Cameyo to be incredibly useful for quickly modernizing their software to support today’s SaaS models. Existing customers like it, too, because they can skip the learning curve and use their familiar Windows software on any device. But Cameyo is just as useful for prospective customers who want to try software for the first time.

Using Cameyo’s Automated Trial Service, which leverages the same technology as our core platform, ISVs can grant their prospects immediate access to free trial software without having to download or install anything. This more or less reduces the step between call to action and demo to a single click, boosting conversion rates as a result.

  • EasyPower, an industry-leading provider of software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing and monitoring electrical power systems, wanted to make the leap from interest to demo as smooth as possible. The ISV has since transitioned its entire trial platform to Cameyo: “Previously, less than 10% of prospects would try out the demo if they had to download and install it themselves. With Cameyo, that conversion rate has jumped to over 40%.”
  • Top Australian HR software suite ClockOn is Windows-only, but the company was eager to showcase its power and simplicity to any user. Using Cameyo to remove the installation barrier led to a 166% increase in trial conversions. That was augmented by a 400% increase in engagement. “The Automated Trial Service with Cameyo has outperformed our expectations and is dramatically increasing the number of people who get access to our software,” they said.

These examples show that SaaS enablement no longer has to be a question of how to get Windows software on a Chromebook or a Mac. It’s a matter of using browser-based virtual app delivery to make native Windows software accessible on any platform.

The short path to web-enabled Windows software as well as faster and more meaningful trial conversion starts with a free trial of Cameyo. Test it out today and see how Cameyo can save you money on software redevelopment while adding more potential revenue streams to your existing solution.