In this video you will learn how easy it is to automate your sales process by enabling customers to trial your software directly from the website with Cameyo. As an Independent Software Vendor, you are well aware of the complexity and costs associated with the traditional software sales approach.

Your sales team demonstrates the product. The customer agrees to a trial. Weeks later, your sales engineering team spends hours installing and configuring your software in the customer’s environment. All for a POC that is often time free. What if you could bypass the entire process and let customers trial your software immediately? Well…you can with Cameyo. ClockOn is a Cameyo customer. They use our service to provide an immediate 30 day trial to potential customers. Cameyo integrates with major CRM services like SalesForce and HubSpot. ClockOn is a HubSpot user. To start the trial, the customer simply fills out the HubSpot form on the website and clicks Start Trial. The information entered is added into ClockOn’s CRM and the customer is enrolled in ClockOn’s email process. The customer receives an email with a link to the trial along with their username and password. After clicking the link, the trial is available in 20-30 seconds. As you can see, ClockOn’s branding is prominently displayed. Through the integration with HubSpot, the customer can chat with ClockOn’s customer support team at any time while they are in the trial. Customers who sign up for ClockOn from the trial, also have the option of accessing the ClockOn product as a service through Cameyo. We will discuss this in another video. To learn more how Cameyo can give your customers the ability to trial your software from the website, visit or send and email to [email protected].