Cameyo Analytics is the first real-time monitoring and analytics solution to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proactively optimize your Virtual Application Delivery environment and the end-user experience. 

Today we’re going to take a look at a key benefit that Cameyo Analytics’ AI enables – real-time optimization. Cameyo Analytics provides an end-to-end view of your Virtual App Delivery environment. 

  • Here you can see your total CPU & RAM usage over time, which Cameyo Analytics uses to identify over-provisioning and help reduce cost.
  • You can also see all of your session requests, which Cameyo Analytics utilizes to identify potential issues before they result in support tickets.
  • Cameyo Analytics also provides detailed information on Session Concurrency, Session Duration, and more. 

Leveraging the power of our industry-first AI for Virtual App Delivery, Cameyo Analytics automatically optimizes your cloud or on-premises environment. This ensures that your end-users have the best experience with their apps while also reducing cost by automatically optimizing infrastructure utilization in the background. 

And better yet, if you’re utilizing our fully-hosted platform, this real-time optimization requires zero interaction from you. Cameyo Analytics ensures dynamic provisioning of power where and when you need it, all while maintaining the industry’s best value with flat-rate pricing.

Better performance, at a better price. That’s the power of Cameyo Analytics. 

If you’re ready to see Cameyo in action or to take it for a test drive yourself, head over to and either request a demo or start your free trial.