Combined Solution Provides Simplified, Secure Access to Any Application via Cameyo’s Digital Workspace on Any IGEL Endpoint

CARY, N.C. and SAN FRANCISCO –– SEPT. 16, 2020 – Cameyo, the Digital Workspace that boosts remote worker productivity by securely delivering Windows and internal web apps to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs, and IGEL, provider of the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, today announced that Cameyo has joined the new IGEL Ready program as a technology partner. IGEL Ready opens up the company’s core enterprise software for tech companies like Cameyo to integrate and validate its products, driving business growth, and flexible access to enterprise applications for mutual customers of Cameyo and IGEL.

“Most organizations have shifted from thinking of remote work as a temporary situation to finding permanent solutions that are viable from a cost and complexity perspective. Critical to enabling this shift is the ability to ensure simple, secure, and cost-effective access to all of the applications your people need to be productive from anywhere,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Cameyo. “This partnership with IGEL benefits our joint customers by enabling them to easily and securely deliver any legacy Windows or internal web apps to any IGEL endpoint with Cameyo’s Digital Workspace platform.” 

Organizations worldwide are now prioritizing workspace agility and business continuity as the world shifts to long-term or permanent remote work arrangements. To do so, companies need to provide their people with secure access to all of their business-critical applications. Many of these organizations don’t have the budgets or the IT staff necessary to manage widespread virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or desktop as a service (DaaS) deployments, and they need a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to deliver these applications. Cameyo’s Digital Workspace platform combined with IGEL’s secure endpoints gives any organization – from SMBs to global enterprises – the ability to enable secure, productive remote work for all of their employees within hours. 

“The future of enterprise computing is in the cloud. The IGEL Ready program makes it easy for any company to deploy their applications to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces, reaching a new and relevant market while also enabling world-class customer service,” said Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL. “We’re excited that Cameyo is joining our growing network of more than 100 IGEL Ready partners and becoming part of a new validation movement in the end-user computing industry.”

Now more than ever, providing customers and their employees with reliable, frictionless access to tools, applications, and services is critical for business continuity and growth. The IGEL Ready program ensures that partner applications are validated and shared, and that their customers have access to updated and secure software. This new ecosystem enables customers to consider compatible devices and partner applications across a range of categories in the customer-facing IGEL Ready Showcase. 

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About Cameyo

Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace solution that enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web applications to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs. By enabling organizations to provide their people with access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive from anywhere, Cameyo helps make Remote Work, work. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations utilize Cameyo’s Digital Workspace solution to deliver Windows and internal web applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. To learn more, visit or join Cameyo on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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IGEL provides the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The company’s world-leading software products include IGEL OS™, IGEL UD Pocket™ (UDP) and IGEL Universal Management Suite™ (UMS). These solutions comprise a more secure, manageable and cost-effective endpoint management and control platform across nearly any x86-64 device. Easily acquired via just two feature-rich software offerings, — Workspace Edition and Enterprise Management Pack — IGEL software presents outstanding value per investment. Additionally, IGEL’s German engineered endpoint solutions deliver the industry’s best hardware warranty (5 years), software maintenance (3 years after end of life) and management functionality. IGEL enables enterprises to save vast amounts of money by extending the useful life of their existing endpoint devices while precisely controlling all devices running IGEL OS from a single dashboard interface. IGEL has offices worldwide and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on IGEL, visit