Cameyo Patents the Ability to Emulate Cloud Storage for Windows Applications, a Critical Capability for Delivering Windows Apps from the Cloud

CARY, N.C. – JULY 31, 2019 – Cameyo, the cloud-native virtual application delivery platform that delivers any Windows desktop application to any device from the browser, today announced that it has received its first patent. The patent – U.S. Patent No. 10,382,446 – was issued to Cameyo for its platform design that emulates cloud storage for Windows applications, enabling Windows applications to be delivered from the cloud.

“To truly make Windows applications work in the cloud in a way that feels natural and doesn’t interrupt the end user’s workflow, you must ensure that those Windows apps can interact with files in the cloud as if they were local,” said Eyal Dotan, CTO and Co-Founder at Cameyo. “This patent recognizes Cameyo’s unique ability to deliver this capability, which is one of the reasons more than 130 enterprises rely on Cameyo to deliver their critical Windows applications to tens of thousands of users.”

How It Works

The patented Cameyo platform is the only virtual application delivery solution that provides such a seamless experience when delivering Windows applications from the cloud. The patent covers Cameyo’s ability to:

  • Emulate cloud storage and make those files and folders appear as local to Windows applications.
  • Intercept the APIs that Windows applications use, so that instead of only showing the app what is saved locally, Cameyo enables applications to access, interact with, and save changes to files in the cloud as well.
  • Adapt the Windows file open and save dialogs with a cloud-friendly user interface.
  • Unlike other products, Cameyo doesn’t take the cloud storage and sync it to the local machine. Instead, Cameyo temporarily downloads the files as needed and then syncs any changes back to the cloud. As a result, no private data remains on Cameyo’s cloud servers upon each session’s end.

A Seamless Experience with Virtual Applications

Cameyo enables organizations to simply provide their people with access to all of the Windows applications they need to do their jobs – with the complete functionality of the desktop versions – from any device and from any browser. And this patent comes on the heels of Cameyo’s recently-announced Session Sync technology, which further improves the customer experience by providing persistent storage of a user’s settings and files that follow the user from session to session. This enables organizations to ensure that the user experience from session to session is seamless, which increases productivity and efficiency while removing one of the final hurdles to achieving their digital transformation goals.

Application Virtualization for Any Environment

Cameyo’s platform is uniquely designed to be used in any environment and is available as a fully hosted service or can be installed in any environment, including on-premises. Cameyo options include:

  • Cameyo Fully Hosted – which is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, one of the premier public clouds with data centers located throughout the world.
  • Cameyo Self Hosted – which is hosted on-premises in the customer environment, providing increased security and integration with backend services.
  • Cameyo for ISVs – gives Independent Software Vendors the ability to deliver their software as a service with no development.
  • Automated Trial Service – enables ISVs to immediately provide free trials of software directly from their website, significantly decreasing sales costs. 

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