ClockOn Provides Instant Access to Software Trials with Cameyo, Increasing Trial Completion Rates by 166%

Using Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery Platform to Deliver an Automated Trial Service Has Increased Engagement 700%

CARY, N.C. – AUGUST 14, 2019 – Cameyo, the cloud-native virtual application delivery platform that makes Windows applications available on any device, today announced that it has been selected by ClockOn to provide an automated trial service and SaaS-based access to its software suite for people on any platform. 

ClockOn is one of Australia’s leading HR software suites, providing rostering, attendance, and payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes. ClockOn’s software suite dramatically simplifies payroll within Australia’s complicated system, easily converting employees’ time and hours into compliant payroll. 

As with most B2B solutions, ClockOn provides a free trial of its solutions so that organizations can determine if this is right for their business. But the ClockOn platform was built on Windows, so it was only available to Windows PC users. And even for Windows users, the process of asking people to download and install their software was a deterrent that prevented interested organizations from engaging in a trial.

“We are a Windows product, but we wanted to make our software suite available to every business, regardless of their platform,” said Damien Collings, National Sales Manager at ClockOn. “Even for Windows users, Windows Installers are a natural barrier. People simply don’t want to deal with them, which means that even interested companies may not complete a free trial if they’re forced to install something.”

Instant Access Via Automated Trial Services

ClockOn turned to Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform to streamline the free trial process. By uploading their software suite to Cameyo, ClockOn is able to take advantage of Cameyo’s cloud-native application virtualization capabilities. Now, rather than downloading a Windows Installer, going through the installation process, and then beginning a free trial, ClockOn’s customer prospects can simply fill out a form and get instant access to the full desktop version of the software from within the browser.  

“Organizations interested in checking out our software simply have to hit the ‘Free Trial’ button, fill out a quick form, and they get instant access to our software without any download at all,” said Collings. “It couldn’t be simpler.”

Simplicity Increases Trial Completions and Engagement

Prior to automating its trial service with Cameyo, only 30 percent of potential prospects who signed up for a free trial of ClockOn’s software actually completed the installation and started their trial. Now that interested parties can simply fill out a form and get instant virtual access to the ClockOn application from a browser tab, the number of people who complete a free trial has increased to 79.8 percent – a 166 percent increase. 

“Even in our best-case scenario, we were hoping that we’d get to a 70 percent completion rate,” said Collings at ClockOn. “The automated trial service with Cameyo has outperformed our expectations, and is dramatically increasing the number of people who get access to our software.”

Thanks to the simplicity of accessing ClockOn’s applications from the browser with Cameyo, the amount of time that prospects spend within the free trial has increased significantly as well. Prior to Cameyo, trial users would spend an average of 5 minutes engaged in the ClockOn trial. Today, trial users spend an average of 40 minutes utilizing the trial software – a 700 percent increase in engagement. 

Expanding Access to Every Platform

ClockOn wanted to make its Windows-based application available to every organization, regardless of what devices they were using. But like so many software providers who seek to redevelop their applications for new platforms, ClockOn faces long project timelines and high development costs to do so. 

With Cameyo, ClockOn not only provides instant access to its free trial – but it is also able to provide SaaS access to the full desktop version of the software on any device when users on non-Windows platforms decide to upgrade from the free trial. 

“We are now able to provide access to the complete ClockOn suite on both Mac and Chromebooks, which means we’re able to help anyone, in any industry, regardless of what type of devices they use,” said Collings.