Idealpos Streamlines Trials on the Web with Cameyo

ISV Now Offers Free Trials of Their Software from the Cloud Cutting Free Trial Deployment Times from Hours to Less Than 2 Minutes

CARY, NC–(June 10, 2018)–Cameyo, Inc., the leader in modernizing Windows applications to run in the Cloud with no development, announced today that Queensland, Australia-based, Idealpos Solutions Pty Ltd, has modernized their software trial experience with Cameyo.

Before Cameyo, customers would sign up for a free trial, download a 400MB file and then install the software. In addition to a 20 minute download time, customers would run into all sorts of installation compatibility issues. This resulted in increased sales cost and complexity for Idealpos and its partners with no guarantee of future business.

Powered by Cameyo’s legacy application Platform as a Service (aPaaS), Idealpos now has a branded, online trial up and running—and without any 

customization of their existing software. allows customers to trial their software directly from the website usually in less than 60 seconds.

“The actual performance of the software, after the session has loaded and the software has started up, is really fast,” said Mark Beeley, Managing Director at Idealpos. “You can perform Idealpos transactions, run a report, and everything loads up almost as quickly as if it was installed locally. Not seeing any lags in performance when Idealpos runs in the web helps us put our best foot forward with new customers.”

Cameyo for ISVs allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) like Idealpos to deliver their Windows software as SaaS with no development, give sales the ability to demo the product from the cloud and offer free trials to customers on their website. Because the ISVs software now runs in the browser, the historic issues associated with compatibility, software support costs and adding complexity and time to the sales process have been all but eliminated.

“The traditional sales approach is outdated and increases costs and lengthens the sales cycle for ISVs and their partners,” said Andrew Miller, CEO at Cameyo. “At Cameyo, we have made the delivery of Windows-based software to the browser cost-effective and easy to do.”

About Cameyo

Cameyo is the only built-for-the-cloud application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) that provides a simple, cost-effective and secure way to deliver Windows apps to any device via the cloud. Our patent-pending aPaaS can be set up in minutes with no technical experience required and runs in any customer environment – public, private, and hybrid cloud or on-premises. Leveraging built-in efficiencies and the scalability of the Google Cloud Platform, organizations of any size can now leverage the cloud to deliver Windows applications to their users. To learn more, please visit