This webinar features speakers from Homer Central School District, Google for Education, and Cameyo who discuss how Homer Central Scool District was able to save over $35K per year, per PC lab with Cameyo and Google for Education. Chris Slobodian, Network Administrator at Homer, walks through his deployment and explains how he was able to eliminate PC labs by giving every student access to all of the Windows applications they needed to learn, directly from their Chromebooks, with Cameyo. 

Chris from Homer discusses the constant challenge of balancing the need to provide the best possible educational experience with the needs to optimize their existing investments while also reducing cost. He then provides a demo of the experience his students have thanks to the Cameyo virtual application delivery platform. And he also discusses in depth the other solutions he had tried previously – including a very costly and complex experiment with VDI – and why Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform, together with Google for Education, were far simpler and more cost-effective. Watch the full webinar now, and for a full transcript of the webinar, visit the blog post here.