In this on-demand webinar – originally filmed at Tech Talk Live 2021 – Cameyo is joined by one of our customers, Community High School District 99 (CSD99) of Illinois.

CSD99 discusses how their 1:1 initiative put them at an advantage when it came to enabling remote learning, but they quickly noticed that there was one key issue – many courses still relied on at least one Windows application that could not be accessed on Chromebooks. Without access to the physical PC labs at each campus, those courses simply couldn’t be fully delivered. CSD99 needed to move quickly to enable distance learning in response to the pandemic, and their previous experience with legacy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) vendors had taught them those technologies were not an option for rapidly enabling remote learning at scale.

In this session, Rod Russeau, Director of Technology & Information Services for CSD99, provides details of how he and his team quickly and cost-effectively enabled distance learning with the help of Cameyo. He’s joined by Jordan Pusey of Cameyo, and together they cover:


  • How CSD99 is enabling the secure delivery of Windows to any device both for distance learning and to ensure a seamless, productive learning experience for students regardless of location.
  • A demo of how CSD99 was able to utilize Cameyo’s Digital Workspace platform to publish Windows apps to their students within minutes, not weeks.
  • An overview of the ROI CSD99 has seen from utilizing Chromebooks & Cameyo from hard cost savings to the elimination of PC labs, to the reduction in management time required.