When retail chain Ur&Penn made the decision to migrate from Windows PCs to Chromebooks, they quickly realized that there were still several legacy apps they needed which wouldn’t work on Chrome OS.

“We knew we wanted to make the move to Chromebooks, but we still have several Windows apps that our staff rely on to be productive,” said Emir Saffar, CIO at Ur&Penn. “Despite the cost, security, and management benefits of Chromebooks, we couldn’t proceed unless our staff could maintain access to their critical apps.”

Ur&Penn first attempted to utilize Virtual Desktop (VDI & DaaS) solutions from Citrix and then Nutanix, but complexity and user experience issues forced them to seek out a different path. In this video, Ur&Penn’s CIO discusses why he switched from Virtual Desktops to Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) service, and the benefits they’ve seen as a result.