CARY, N.C. – DEC. 4, 2019 – Cameyo, the cloud-native virtual application delivery platform that brings any Windows application to any device from the browser, today announced that Tory Technologies, Inc. (Tory-Tech) has selected Cameyo to virtualize its applications for the Oil & Gas industry. Tory-Tech originally looked at a large VDI provider, but determined that it was not a feasible solution due to its high cost and complexity. Tory-Tech selected Cameyo because of its simplicity and ease of deployment, which enables Tory-Tech to provide its unique Supervisory Measurement Acquisition and Data Analytics (SMADA) solutions to its Oil & Gas customers. 

Tory-Tech bundles its software solutions with industry-leading applications that are widely used throughout the Oil & Gas industry for gas and liquid measurement. As part of this solution bundle, Tory-Tech needed to offer its SMADA solution to its customers via the cloud.

“At Tory-Tech, we combine software and service solutions tailored to increase accuracy, maximize efficiency, and optimize operations for the Oil & Gas industry,” said Juan Seriñá, Chief Technology Officer at Tory-Tech. “Part of our value-added approach requires bundling our solutions with the key tools that the industry relies on today, but offering them from the cloud to provide flexibility and cost savings. Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform is critical for enabling our bundled solutions.”

The Opportunity

Tory-Tech provides its SMADA solution to oil production and pipeline companies throughout the world, providing the critical flow measurement capabilities their customers need to accurately invoice their clients. By bundling its SMADA solution with industry-leading Oil & Gas applications, Tory-Tech provides an additional layer of analytics and data visibility not available in other products. These capabilities earned Tory-Tech a large opportunity with a customer in South America. 

The Results

Tory-Tech was able to get its solutions up and running on the Cameyo virtual application delivery platform within hours, as compared to the months it would take to redevelop applications for the cloud. More important, the Cameyo-enabled Tory-Tech solution has delivered significant cost savings to its customers in the region.

“Companies in every industry are moving to the cloud, and too often the benefits they are looking to achieve are hampered by the inability to leverage their critical applications in these new environments,” said Andrew Miller, CEO of Cameyo. “Cameyo is a cost-effective way to deliver Windows applications to any device from the cloud. And our integration with G Suite makes it incredibly simple for IT to manage users and applications, and to deliver the benefits of key applications to their customers.”

Leveraging the Power of G Suite
For organizations implementing G Suite, the Cameyo platform integrates seamlessly with the organization’s G Suite settings. This includes full pre-built integration with Google Cloud Platform, Google Authentication, Google Office Suite, Google Chrome, and Google Cloud Print. Users simply authenticate with Google sign in and are able to immediately access their applications, Drive folders, and printers based on the permissions they set up in Google Admin. Features such as save/open, copy/paste, and printing can all be done from the browser or the user’s device.   

This provides organizations like Tory-Tech with the following benefits:

  • Simplicity – Cameyo can be set up in minutes with little to no IT experience required, with enterprise-grade scalability.
  • Flexibility – With Cameyo, Tory-Tech can enable their customers to run any Windows application on any operating system or device, anytime. No application re-coding or development required. 
  • Security – Cameyo enables all legacy Windows applications to be delivered from the browser, keeping apps separate from all end users’ operating systems, helping prevent vulnerability to threats introduced by those devices. 
  • Cost Savings – Today, nearly 80% of IT budgets are spent supporting legacy apps (IDC). Cameyo enables organizations to maintain one version of their legacy apps, which can be easily updated and provided to users, nearly eliminating ongoing support costs for legacy apps moving forward.

About Cameyo

Cameyo is a cloud-native virtual application delivery platform that enables the secure delivery of Windows desktop applications to any device from any browser. As organizations pursue Digital Transformation, they hit a common roadblock during their shift to the cloud – the inability to deliver their legacy Windows applications from the cloud. Cameyo solves this issue by providing everyone with seamless access to their Windows productivity apps on any device, from any HTML5 browser. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations utilize Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform to deliver Windows applications to tens of thousands of users worldwide. To learn more, visit

About Tory Technologies, Inc.

Tory-Tech is a corporation specialized in data management applications for the Oil & Gas industry. Integrating and developing several innovative technologies, Tory-Tech develops and commercializes Software Solutions for Control Room Management and Measuring Data Management. Tory-Tech provides the ideal link between strategic technologies in the Oil & Gas industry and users in need of these types of applications. For more information visit