Cameyo’s new One-Click Cloud Failover provides Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Regardless of whether it’s due to a cyber-attack or some other disaster, you can’t afford to have data center outages that result in downtime that impacts your business operations. Which is why so many organizations like yours are investing in disaster recovery & business continuity plans to help ensure their people can continue to access the applications & data they need to do their jobs and keep the business running.

Back in April, we introduced our Cameyo Rapid Recovery service to help organizations keep their networks & data safe and their people productive in case of an emergency and/or ransomware attack. The service runs in Google Cloud and provides organizations with a separate, secure cloud desktop environment from Cameyo that they can instantly switch to if their on-premises environment is attacked or disrupted, enabling their employees to maintain access to all their business-critical apps in case of emergency. 

And while Cameyo Rapid Recovery provides a great option for organizations running their own data centers to fail over to Google Cloud with no interruption to the Cameyo cloud desktop service – what about organizations that are already utilizing Google Cloud but also want an added layer of resiliency in case there are any issues with their primary data center location? That’s why today we announced new Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) capabilities within Cameyo called One-Click Cloud Failover. The introduction of One-Click Cloud Failover gives organizations using Cameyo’s service in Google Cloud the ability to easily select a backup region so that, in case of an issue in their primary data center location, they can easily switch to the new data center region without disruption in service to end users. 

“While Cameyo Rapid Recovery was designed to provide our self-hosted customers with an insurance policy in case their on-premises environment was attacked, our new One-Click Cloud Failover capabilities give our fully-hosted customers additional peace of mind in case anything were to happen with their primary Google Cloud data center location,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Cameyo. 

“IT organizations have learned the importance of business continuity, and Cameyo’s new One-Click Failover and it’s existing Rapid Recovery capabilities leverage their partnership with Google Cloud to give companies the capabilities they need to ensure end-user productivity in the event of a disruption to their primary site. This is a natural fit for companies that want to use the cloud as a backup datacenter, or that want to add resiliency to an existing Cameyo deployment in Google Cloud,” said Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Plus, Cameyo’s dedication to Zero Trust means that this can be done without cutting any corners on security.”

The Cameyo One-Click Cloud Failover functionality is available today to all Cameyo customers using Google Cloud. Like all of Cameyo’s security capabilities, One-Click Cloud Failover is built into the core of the platform and is available immediately to Cameyo customers at no additional cost. Want to learn more? Schedule a quick demo with one of our cloud desktop experts and we’ll show you how it works.