Cameyo Since 2018, Cameyo has enabled hundreds of thousands of users to freely interact and launch Windows software through their browser. 


Cameyo was created by Eyal Dotan. Eyal has created several award-winning security products since a young age, including BUFFERZONE and Ivanti Endpoint Security (formerly ViGUARD). Hundreds of thousands of PCs across the globe have been protected by technologies created by Eyal. He holds 12 US patents in the field of computer software. Cameyo is the fruit of his experience in the security field, and as a result, our R&D is operated by some of the industry’s top security and virtualization experts.

Eyal has also created and lectured the Logical Attack and Protection academic program at EPITECH institute (Paris) for several years.


Cameyo employs our unique LayeredRevert technology. This technology is patent-pending under US PTO application number 15/161,971. This technology provides us with unique TCO and security benefits.