Making Remote Work Security Simpler with IGEL and Cameyo

By now we’re all aware that the pandemic has brought about a permanent paradigm shift in the way people work. Remote work has become the new normal for how employees carry out everyday tasks, and organizations have had to make many changes and adjustments to enable business-continuity. And those changes have exposed many challenges for managing secure remote devices and securely accessing digital resources, including business-critical apps. 

Many businesses had difficult decisions to make, and one of those decisions was how employees would be allowed to access corporate systems. Some organizations may have quickly issued corporate devices for all of their employees to use from home. Many others decided to allow employees to use personal devices for accessing corporate data and other business-critical resources. Either way, there are challenges.

Cost and complexity are two of the biggest challenges that IT is dealing with in the shift to enabling remote work. But there’s one thing that tops both cost and ease-of-use as the #1 priority – security. A product could claim to reduce cost by 80% and eliminate management complexity, but if it weakens an organization’s security posture, that’s a non-starter.   

Which is why our partnership with IGEL (Cameyo was one of the inaugural IGEL Ready partners) makes so much sense. Both IGEL and Cameyo have been architected from the ground up to greatly simplify the management of devices and apps (respectively) and reduce cost – all while increasing your organization’s security. 

Secure Endpoints

IGEL provides the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. They provide extreme CAPEX hardware cost savings, sharply reduce ongoing operating expenses, and a enable more secure and manageable endpoint management across nearly any device.  

Simply put, IGEL makes security simpler. By converting any compatible device into a fully functioning read-only cloud workspace, you immediately minimize endpoint attack surfaces, whether on licensed endpoints or on users’ own devices. 

Securing Application Delivery

Cameyo Virtual App Delivery platform securely delivers all their business-critical apps to any device, from the browser, so that your people can stay productive from anywhere without compromising your corporate network or data. Cameyo’s ground-up approach to security includes:

  • Zero Trust – Cameyo’s Zero Trust design prevents users from carrying threats into your network, regardless of their device.
  • Browser Isolation – Application sessions take place in the browser eliminating the risk of malware from the end user’s device impacting your network.
  • Reduced Attack Surface – Cameyo’s single architecture and RDP/HTTP Port Shield Technology significantly reduces your attack surface without 3rd party tools. 
  • No VPNs – Cameyo’s NoVPN technology enables users to securely access internal web apps via any browser from behind the firewall while keeping devices separate from the corporate network. 
  • Port Shield – Cameyo’s Port Shield protects RDP and HTTP/S ports from brute force and ransomware attacks.

Regardless of your organization’s approach to enabling remote work now and in the future, together IGEL and Cameyo provide an in-depth security schema that ensures safe boundaries between any device and your corporate network & data. And all that security doesn’t come with a hefty price tag or deployment/management burden. Both IGEL and Cameyo enable you to be up and running in minutes – not weeks – while dramatically reducing the costs associated with delivering secure remote work. 

Want to see IGEL and Cameyo in action for yourself? Sign up for tomorrow’s webinar, and even if you can’t make it to the webinar live, we’ll send you a link to watch the joint demo on-demand right after. 

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