Many of you have tried the Cameyo Online Packager, to submit applications for automatic virtual packaging. Cameyo is the first product ever to offer such service, and it is rewarding to just see the number of packages you all create every day using this service.

Here’s a sneak preview on the next step, the Cameyo Online Library:

The library will contain two separate storages: Public and Private.

Private storage
The Private will only be readable by your own user account. You can add your own applications, by using the result of the Online Packager.

Public storage
Contains applications that are free for public use.

Customizable applications
As you know, at Cameyo we like to innovate. Both Private and Public storages will have the ability to customize the way the application works for your specific account:

So for example you may decide that you want the FileZilla Client to run isolated, and with a custom menu:

Enterprise accounts

Many of you expressed your wish to be able to manage applications for your network users. Using Enterprise accounts, you will be able to create a company admin account with multiple simple-user accounts.
There, just like the Private storage, users will be able to see (but not modify) the list of applications the administrator has arranged for them.