The Data Behind the Shift

from Virtual Desktops to

Virtual App Delivery (VAD)

People have been saying “this is the Year of Virtual Desktops/VDI” for decades now. But despite an increase in adoption of Virtual Desktops over the past several years, data from the recently-released “VDI Like a Pro” report (the largest independent EUC survey for 7 years running) illustrates a really interesting trend:

Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) has rapidly gained market share as an alternative to Virtual Desktops, and within a year we will likely see the tipping point where VAD becomes the preferred method of access to applications for most orgs.

This white paper digs into the data from the 2021 VDI Like a Pro survey and evaluates the resulting trends. If your organization is looking to enable remote and/or hybrid employees to remain productive from any device and you’re looking for an alternative to the cost & complexity of Virtual Desktops, this paper will help you evaluate which solutions might be best for you.

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