Version History

Version 2.7.1291
– Added dynamic path “%Temp%”

Version 2.7.1289
– Packaging operation considerably accelerated.
– Default virtualization mode is now Disk, rather than RAM.
– Default compression algorithm is now Snappy, rather than BZIP.
– Introducing new parameter: Packager.exe -CreateNew:appid pkg.exe.

Version 2.7.1277
– Fixed an issue with the edition of old packages.
– Rare Open File dialog crash on Win 8.1 / 2012.
– Support for virtual apps on Citrix 6.5.
– Introducing new parameter: Packager.exe -CreateNew:appid pkg.exe.

Version 2.7 (2.7.1249)
– Added encryption capability.

Build 2.6.1219
– Bugfix: rare bug in file compression routines.
– Bugfix: -Repackage commnd line was broken (was adding to the package non-extracted files as empty, marked with DELETED).
– New command line: -ExportAllProperties
– New command line: -AddSandbox
– Support for wildcard recursive isolation rules, such as: “UNC\SERVER\SHARE\*.PDB”
– Bugfix: expiration after X days did not work well for time zones before than UTC.
– Bugfix: no longer sandboxing empty drive letters (i.e. “T_”) for non-existing drives.
– Bugfix: shortcuts integration pointed icons to BaseDirName\Icons\.. instead of BaseDirName\PROG\Icons\.. thus resulting in all icons being the same pkg EXE icon.
– Bugfix: packager snapshot crash on some non-standard executables (Perfect Effects 8.exe).
– Bugfix: Active Directory offline days allowance was causing Active Directory changes to be ignored (cached).
– Bugfix: Citrix mapped drives are now seen as network drives, hence applying sandboxing rules for UNC drives on them.

Build 2.6.1191
– Package upgrade (from version X to Y of the same application) now performs safe merging of registry values, keeping user settings while updating application’s values.
– Default compression algorithm is now BZIP2, yielding smaller packages.
– Fixed a bug with environment variables simulation.
– Fixed a bug with drag & drop engine upgrade.
– Clearer information when using the -info command.

Version 2.6
– Active Directory targetting for virtual apps (licensed only).
– RepoSync: deploy apps to all / selected network users from a central shared folder (licensed only).
– BZIP2 compression: packages are now smaller.
– Improved app-in-use updating capability.
– New variable for creating sandboxing rules specific to removable drives: %RemovableDrives%
– Environment variables are now packaged as part of the app, automatically.
– Package settings import / export: clone package settings and behaviors (licensed only).
– Default package settings: apply default settings and behaviors to new packages created by the Cameyo Packager.
– New app parameter: -RemoveSelf: removes app (just like -Remove), but also the executable itself.
– New app parameter: -ForceMenu: forces app start menu.
– App start menu: “AutoLaunchAlwaysAllowed” property, for hiding the “Always allow” checkbox.

Version 2.5
– Fast! Faster application runtime, file and registry access, first deployment. Faster package editing.
– New RAM virtualization mode: virtual apps run directly from memory, with no disk pre-extraction. DISK virtualization mode still available.
– Application files stored separately from application’s changes: optimized for network / cloud data synchronization. Also allows sharing one single package for different user sessions on terminal servers (extended configuration in Enterprise edition).
– New isolation mode: Strictly Isolated, hiding from the virtual application some specific folders and registry keys areas on the host system, to improve compatibility.
– Font virtualization.
– Support for huge packages (> 2GB).
– Option for separating application data from executable (.DAT).
– More command-lines and properties for more flexibility.
Enterprise / Developer editions:
– Auto-update: implement your own auto-updates for virtual packages.
– Package password lockdown: prevent anyone other than you from editing virtual packages.
– Command-line XML package builder.
– Export package blueprints (templates).
– Easier, more powerful scripting.
– New expiration mode.
– EULA license display.

Version 2.0.890 (maintenance version)
– Fixed compatibility issue with WinDFS mapped drives on Windows XP.
– Fixed a rare shortcuts integration crash.
– Fixed a rare Windows 8 issue in DLL virtualization.
– Packager can now exclude file names (not just directory names).

Version 2.0.882 (maintenance version)
– Introducing packager automation capability (more info).
– Fixed a compatibility issue with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.

Version 2.0.873 (maintenance version)
– Improved Windows 8 support.
– Automatically notifies about new Cameyo versions.
– New languages.

Version 2.0
– New UI for launching, managing, updating and finding new virtual apps.
– Stronger, faster and more robust virtualization.
– Support for Windows 8.
– Integration with your Cameyo Online account.
– Public library of virtual apps.
– CameyoBox: take your apps with you.
– Cameyo Launcher: your virtual apps launcher.
– Virtual app integration: your apps look and feel as if they were installed.
– Multi language: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian.

Version 1.7
– Native 64-bit virtualization
– Virtualization issues fixed
– New feature: package expiration date
– New feature: custom events

Version 1.6
– 600MB limit removed.
– Patching of virtual packages.
– Associations and shortcuts integration feature.
– Registry editing.
– Portability: Cameyo itself made portable.
– Ghost capture mode: ability to capture an
– Extended SDK APIs: new APIs including: creation of new package from scratch, registry modification.
– Packager.xml settings file, with list of files / dirs / keys to avoid, and default output dir for the packager.
– Realtime multi-process file sharing: support for several processes of the same virtual application modifying the same files at the same time (inter-process database mechanism).
– SxS bugs reported on forum, fixed.
– Stop inheritance feature: ability to exclude virtualization for special child processes.
– Custom actions: script execution upon virtual application loading, exit.
– Auto-cleanup upon application exit.

Note: 1.6 file format has been completely changed. Exceptionally, editing of packages built with previous versions is not supported.

Version 1.55
– Maintenance version: many virtualization issues fixed.

Version 1.5
– One-click application packaging: just install your software and Cameyo will package it. No questions asked!
– Shortcut menu when more than one startup application can be used.
– Improved UI, design. Several new options in the Package Editor.
– Sandbox is now activated by default.
– Possibility to configure where virtual applications store their data.
– Possibility to exclude files and folders during capture (Packager.ini).
– Packaging speed reduced (post-snapshot speed).
– Virtualization performance improved.
– Virtualization bugs fixed.

Version 1.4
– Isolation sandbox.
– Improved interface: launcher menu, new package editor.

Version 1.1
– Fixed several packaging and virtualization issues. Some applications could not be packaged because of side issues such as too long names, illegal names, etc.
– Now checking and gracefully failing when a .net package is opened on a system without .net framework (unsupported).