Windows Virtual Desktop + Cameyo

Significantly decrease complexity and cost when delivering legacy Windows applications. 


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Deploy and scale Windows applications in multi-session Windows 10 in Azure or any environment.

Cameyo simplifies application management on Windows Virtual Desktop by providing a single image for many thousands of users. This removes the complexity of managing applications that are frequently updated in a Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

Superior economics and cost savings

By running Windows Virtual Desktop native and Cameyo in their own Azure account, customers save on licensing by utilizing their existing RDS CALS. And utilizing Cameyo’s elasticity and usage optimization capabilities ensure dynamic adjustment of VMs based on workloads, saving customers from paying for 24/7 servers when they aren’t being used. 



Reduction in infrastructure



Savings on licensing costs



Credit to run in Azure

Enhanced security 

Together with Windows Virtual Desktop, Cameyo ensures that data never leaves the customer’s environment for optimized security. Cameyo’s RDP Port Shield provides an additional layer of security that protects all customers from RDP vulnerabilities that can lead to brute force attacks and ransomware.


Flexibilty for any environment

Whether dealing with BYOD environments, call centers, integrating mergers & acquisitions, or enabling access for short term employees and contractors, Cameyo and Windows Virtual Desktop enable a premium desktop and application experience for any flexible workforce.

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Cameyo is the only cloud-native virtual application delivery service that runs in any environment. Stop wasting money and time on VDI today.