Cloud Summit 2018 – Modernizing Legacy Applications

Cameyo’s premier partner in Africa, ASG Africa, recently attended the ITWeb Cloud Summit Conference in Midrand. Customers, partners and thought leaders throughout Africa gathered to discuss cloud initiatives and the latest technologies in the space. Some of the major topics discussed were cloud migration, modernizing legacy applications and cloud security.

Cameyo South Africa partner, ASG Africa discussing Cameyo and legacy applications at Cloud Summit 2018.

Arden Harvey of ASG Africa reports from the show that, “customers are facing huge digital transformation issues. They have access to everything they need in terms of cheap and 99.999% up-time infrastructure, but they are still missing a simplified approach to migrating to the cloud.”

ASG Africa delivers complete technology solutions that meet their customers’ unique business needs.

“We recommend customers adopt a hybrid approach to cloud migration,” continued Harvey. “Start with simple legacy applications that work seamlessly in the cloud. Then redevelop more complex legacy applications that do not work well in the new cloud environment.”

Modernizing Legacy Applications

ASG Africa recommends Cameyo to many of its cloud migration customers who find themselves in the following scenarios:

1. Customers who don’t want to incur the significant redevelopment costs of migrating complex legacy applications to the cloud.

2. Customers who want to web-enable the legacy application immediately, while the lengthy redevelopment process takes place.

ASG Africa also uses Cameyo to help Independent Software Vendors simplify their distribution model by converting their legacy applications to SaaS. The solution allows opens new markets up to ISVs and significantly decreases legacy application support and maintenance costs.

“Cameyo has developed a unique solution that gives organizations the ability to modernize legacy Windows desktop applications and securely deliver them to end users on any device. Whether you are migrating to the cloud, looking to convert legacy software to a SaaS business model or have an old app you need to web-enable, Cameyo is definitely worth trying.

If you are in Africa and would like a free trial of Cameyo’s innovative legacy application modernization platform, contact the ASG Africa team by going to