G2 Reviews Rank Cameyo #1 for “Best ROI,” “Fastest Implementation,” and More for 3rd Quarter in a Row

When we first started Cameyo 5 years ago, we vowed that we’d always let our customers do the talking. Nobody wants to hear a technology vendor blather on about how much better their product is. Rather than asking you to believe our claims over all the other vendors who are making the same claims, instead all we ask is that you listen to your peers – the IT folks already using Cameyo in their organizations.

This is why we’ve always prioritized case studies where you can read – in our customers’ own words – why they selected Cameyo over Citrix, VMware, and the other old-guard virtual desktop providers. 

Then, about a year ago, we started seeing reviews of Cameyo pop up organically on G2, the world’s largest site for IT peer reviews of SaaS products. G2 is a place where our customers can go and share their opinions about Cameyo freely with their peers, and they can even do so anonymously, giving everyone the peace of mind to share openly. 

Which is why we’re beyond excited that our customers’ reviews have earned Cameyo – for the third quarter in a row – the following rankings in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) & Desktop as a Service (DaaS) categories:

We are honored that our customers feel so strongly about Cameyo that they take their personal time to fill out these reviews and share their experiences with their peers. Thank you to all of you who have done so!

And we’re even more honored that these customer reviews have landed us the #1 spot when it comes to ROI, implementation time, and other critical measures. If you’d like to read all of the existing G2 reviews on Cameyo, you can see them all here