Broadcom to Spin-Off VMware EUC Business: What Are Your Options?

Breaking News: Broadcom’s CEO Hock Tan confirmed today on their earnings call that it will be divesting itself of VMware’s End User Computing (EUC) and Carbon Black business units, including its Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offerings. This announcement adds to the ongoing shakeup in the virtual desktop space and begs the question: what are your options?

What’s Being Sold: The EUC business unit encompasses a range of virtualization products, including VMware Horizon Cloud (DaaS), VMware Workspace ONE (unified endpoint management), Dynamic Environment Manager, and App Volumes (application layering). These EUC solutions provide users with access to desktops and applications from any device, anywhere.

Echoes of Citrix: This news comes on the heels of the recent acquisition of Citrix, another major player in the virtual desktop space. That acquisition has caused significant disruption for Citrix customers, with reports of new pricing models, degraded support, and uncertainty about the future of the products. Both the Citrix and VMware acquisitions have resulted in significant layoffs, as well, leading to many of their customers doubting the level of support and innovation the organizations will maintain moving forward.

There’s a Trend in Legacy VDI & DaaS: The acquisitions of Citrix and VMware, coupled with the spin-out of Frame from Nutanix, paint a clear picture: legacy VDI and DaaS solutions are facing significant challenges. This turmoil highlights a broader shift towards Virtual App Delivery (VAD) solutions, which offer a more agile and cost-effective way to deliver applications to users.

Alternatives to VMware’s EUC Products: Unlike VDI and DaaS, which require Microsoft Windows-based virtual desktops, VAD solutions actively eliminate the need for Windows virtual desktops while still enabling you to deliver any app to any device. This eliminates the need for costly and complex infrastructure and simplifies management.

Cameyo: A Leading Alternative for VMware Customers: Cameyo is the pioneer and leader in the VAD market. We enable you to deliver all of your apps – Windows, Linux, SaaS, and internal web apps – to any device either from the browser or as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Our platform provides a seamless migration path for VMware customers looking to continue their digital transformation, allowing you to leverage your existing investments while transitioning to a more modern and efficient solution. With Cameyo, you can:

  • Maintain flexibility: Continue using your existing VMware infrastructure for as long as needed, while having a much more cost-effective and modern VAD solution in place to migrate users to as VMware licenses expire. Cameyo also gives you the ability to user our fully-hosted version (in Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure) or self-host Cameyo in any cloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc.), hybrid, or on-premises data center of your choice.
  • Reduce costs: Eliminate the need for expensive virtual desktops and simplify management of your digital workspace.
  • Improve performance: Deliver applications faster and more reliably with Cameyo’s high-performance architecture.
  • Enhance security: Benefit from Cameyo’s robust Zero Trust security model.
  • Increase user productivity: Provide a better digital employee experience with any anywhere workspace that gives your users seamless access to their apps, regardless of their location or device.

The Future of VDI & DaaS: The future of VDI and DaaS is uncertain, but one thing is clear: organizations are looking for more agile, cost-effective, and secure solutions. The rise of VAD solutions like Cameyo is a direct response to this demand. By embracing VAD, organizations can ensure they are prepared for the future of work and deliver the applications their users need, when and where they need them, across a wide variety of use cases.

Get Started with Cameyo Today: If you’re looking for a modern and secure alternative to VMware’s EUC products, book a demo with Cameyo today and we’ll set up a demo environment for you within 15 minutes. Or if you’d rather dive in a test it for yourself, start a free trial.