Get Your Checklist for Windows 7 Application Compatibility

Even though the end-of-service (EOS) date for Windows 7 was January 14, 2020, it is reported that 28 percent of all Windows PCs are still running Windows 7. You’d think that, with the extensive advanced warning, organizations would have migrated from Windows 7 a while ago to avoid the steep cost of the Microsoft Extended Security Updates (ESUs). So what’s holding people back from migrating? 

Naren Narendra, Microsoft’s Global Sales Lead for Windows Virtual Desktops, has said that the number one impediment preventing people from moving to Windows 10 is application compatibility. Which is why we announced today that we’ve partnered with Softwatch to launch a new program that offers organizations an application compatibility checklist, as well as an assessment of their environment, to help ease the transition.Windows 7 Application Migration Program_Hubspot

Our Windows 7 Application Migration Program provides organizations the resources needed to develop a firm plan of action for their Windows 7 migration. Regardless of what mix of platforms a company is considering migrating to – Windows 10, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Chrome, MacOS, or Linux – the Windows 7 Application Migration Program provides the following tools to make the migration simple:

  • Windows 7 Application Compatibility Checklist – A simple 9-point checklist to help navigate and identify the core issues an organization needs to consider to properly prepare for a migration. Download the Application Compatibility Checklist now.
  • Free App Compatibility Assessment by Cameyo – A focused assessment provided by Cameyo to walk through each organization’s responses to the checklist, resulting in a specific plan of action for addressing their application compatibility issues. Schedule your free App Compatibility Assessment
  • Real Application Usage Service by SoftWatch – A data collection service that provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s application usage, enabling resource management and optimization accordingly.
  • Free Trial of Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery Platform –Organizations looking to deliver legacy Windows applications to any device from the browser can access a free trial of Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform. Begin your free trial here today, and select the “Windows 7 Migration” option from the dropdown list to be eligible for special discounts. 
  • Migration Discounts – Organizations looking to migrate will receive a 20% discount on Cameyo and Softwatch solutions through the end of March 2020. 

If you’re one of the many organizations that rely on at least two to three legacy Windows 7 applications that are not yet compatible with Windows 10, and you don’t want to be forced into deciding between expensive Extended Security Updates (ESUs) or disrupting your business by losing access to critical apps, then check out our Windows 7 Migration Program today. With Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform, you can easily migrate to Windows 10 (or any other operating system of choice) and provide access to all of your Windows 7 apps on any device, from the browser. We’re here to help streamline your Windows 7 migration plan, so let us know how we can help.

And for every organization looking to migrate before the end of Q1, we’re offering 20% off of Cameyo’s platform until the end of March, 2020. You can give it a try for yourself and be up and running in minutes with our free trial