Helping MSPs Build More Profitable and Scalable Virtual Application Delivery Practices

For those of you who may have missed the news last week, we launched a new version of our platform – Cameyo for Managed Service Provides (MSPs) – to help MSPs build more profitable and scalable virtual application delivery practices for all of their customers. And we’re excited to note that the announcement was received very well by both the media (press coverage below) and the MSP community. 

If you’re an MSP reading this, then you’re all too familiar with the fact that – in order to successfully compete – you have to maximize services while reducing your costs to provide customers with the best possible solutions at the lowest price. Prior to Cameyo for MSPs, channel partners and MSPs only had two options if their customers needed access to Windows desktop applications on any device. Cameyo for MSPs

The Old Way

The first option was to use expensive and complex VDI or DaaS products. These products are notoriously hard to implement, are expensive, and are overkill if you just need to run Windows applications to any device and don’t need a full virtual desktop. 

The second option was to manage each PC individually, which meant using complex and unreliable scripting or physically going to each device and updating it with the latest version of the Windows application. 

Both options are untenable from a cost and management perspective, eating into already tight margins the MSPs rely on for profitability. In addition, many of the partner programs offered by the VDI and DaaS vendors are complex and confusing.

Introducing Cameyo for MSPs

With Cameyo for MSPs, MSPs finally have the ability to simply and cost-effectively deliver Windows applications from the browser to any device and from any environment – cloud, hybrid or on premises. In addition Cameyo for MSPs allows MSPs to manage all customers from a single Cameyo admin console. And with our new SPLA pricing, Cameyo is giving MSPs the flexibility they need to quickly add and delete users and to spin up infrastructure as needed – all while ensuring that they are only billed for the number of users who actually access the service.

Cameyo for MSPs also helps channel partners, and MSPs in particular, differentiate themselves in several ways:

  • Reduced Cost – Cameyo for MSPs significantly lowers the cost of delivering Windows applications to any device from the browser. This gives MSPs the ability to offer the service at a lower price point to their customers while maintaining or increasing margins.
  • Single Pane of Glass – Cameyo for MSPs gives MSPs the ability to manage all of their customers from a single Cameyo administrative portal. MSPs can easily manage users and instantly provide updates to applications their customers are using without the need to go on-site to update customer PCs manually.
  • Savings for the Customer – MSPs can utilize Cameyo for MSPs to help their customers save on infrastructure costs. Because these customers are now running their Windows applications from the browser, they now have the option to purchase less expensive Chromebooks, tablets, Linux devices, etc. if they so choose.

You can read the full announcement here

Want to read more about Cameyo for MSPs? Check out what the media had to say about our announcement:

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